May 2, 2022
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Mercenaries in Ukraine: 5 categories of “soldiers of fortune” in the “Square”

Mercenaries in Ukraine: 5 categories of "soldiers of fortune" in the "square"

Photo: AP Photo / Nariman El-Mofti / TASS

February 27 President of Ukraine Zelensky officially announced the recruitment of volunteers in the “Foreign Legion” created in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A special website was created in English, where everyone could apply. A transit point for mercenaries was created in Lvov. According to the press service of the Lviv administration, they received over twenty thousand applications.

According to Major General KonashenkovToday, more than seven thousand mercenaries from 63 countries of the world, from America to Sudan, are operating in Ukraine.

A whole legion. According to the forecasts of Russian experts, the US has already spent more than $11 million just on the maintenance of American “soldiers of fortune” (there are more than three hundred of them in Ukraine according to the most conservative estimates). The costs, of course, fell on the American budget.

According to Konashenkov, more than a thousand of them have already died in battles. These are only those whose corpse is documented. About a hundred, according to some information, were captured and became “clients” of the Investigative Committee, where they give lengthy interviews with varying degrees of sincerity. Over a thousand went missing (most likely, they found their last shelter in Ukrainian collective graves).

The rest are still doing energetic jogging through the forests and fields of Ukraine to the invigorating accompaniment of Russian artillery.

Ukraine seems to have become a real vacuum cleaner for “wild geese” from all over the world. And they supply this human material for disposal in the “square” dozens of large private military companies. The largest of them are the infamous and widely known American ones.

Black Water and Black Water Security Consulting (recently renamed Academy). This is actually the second army of America, which also includes its own Foreign Legion. The number of employees of the company is kept secret, but according to data slipping in the American press, it ranges from half a million to seven hundred and fifty thousand people.

Black Water was organized by retired high-ranking military men, and the company is the main counterparty of the Pentagon. The range of services – from advice on the purchase of weapons to the planning of military operations and the protection of ships and airbuses. And, of course, the recruitment of “wild geese” for work in all countries of the world.

England has its own no less famous PMC – G4S. It is located in the city of Crawley. Branches of the company are registered in 125 countries.

These two companies (not counting hundreds of smaller ones) are now rowing mercenaries around the world to be sent to Ukraine. All of them were “strongly recommended” to focus not on the professionalism of recruits, but on the mass character. This is cheaper, and society is freed from unnecessary “passionaries”, and, according to recruiters, it drags out the conflict in Ukraine itself. And this is the strategic goal of suppliers of live goods.

The wages of the future “wild geese” also fell sharply. If earlier the “issue price” of intellectual mercenaries who can work with high-tech weapons reached $2,000 a day, then mercenaries without experience can be rented for $500. And even without insurance. For countries with a low standard of living and rampant unemployment, this is quite decent money, so there is no end to those who wish.

In the same Latin America, a whole line of local unemployed, drug addicts, fugitives from justice, outright gangsters and other “cream of society” sometimes line up at G4S recruiting points.

Some socially dangerous characters go to the bunk immediately after recruitment – as soon as they leave the company office. This is especially practiced by local “pinkertons” in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Here, the detectives constantly hang out in lines, periodically pulling out of them and “packing” the next catch into the company car. Because of this, mass fights with shooting periodically break out in the queues, but, as a rule, more experienced detectives who work with the skill of bouncers in a nightclub win.

As a result, the local prison is enriched with another “valuable personnel”, and Ukraine is deprived of another mercenary.

All mercenaries are divided into several psychotypes.

First. Revelation of criminals who decided to change the concrete hotel for army bunks. Their logic is as simple as a shot. Maybe you’ll be lucky. And I’ll wriggle out of the teeth of justice, and earn extra money.

Type two. Professional military. Depending on the situation, they have to change their disguise and perform the same functions as in the army, only as part of irregular military units. They work as instructors for local warriors – when you need to master complex equipment, but most often they are engaged in command and staff activities – they develop military operations, supervise the activities of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Sometimes they directly command military formations – when local officers drop out in battles.

Such mercenaries in officer uniforms are now languishing in the rat holes of Azovstal. Moreover, among them there are, according to some sources, generals. And it is for them that high-ranking European officials are fighting with such persistence.

Category three – classic “wild geese”, dogs of war. For the most part, these are either former officers or sergeants. They have two motives for becoming “wild geese”. These are people, as a rule, either dismissed to the reserve by seniority, or for any offenses – fights, abuse of power, sexual harassment, endless AWOL, “flights” in the service or outright racism. But, being expelled from the army, they suddenly realized that the army is their life. And war is generally their element. Again, for two reasons. The first is an acute unwillingness to work in civilian life. It turns out to be hard, dull, monotonous work. You can, of course, get into crime, “bank” drugs, rob banks and arrange street shootouts with rival gangs – this is much more exciting. But this business is fraught with a quick landing in a “concrete hotel”. It’s better to run down the pampas with a machine gun than through the streets with a Colt.

The second reason is the emotional and adrenaline addiction to shooting, running around, jumping, ambushes, fast chases and equally quick retreats. You do what you love, and you get paid for it.

The fourth category is people who simply really need money. And urgently. Were mired in debts, loans and some financial obligations. And mercenaries were always, everywhere and at all times well paid. Except, perhaps, the Ukrainian case.

Recently, another fifth category has appeared – selfie mercenaries. They choose places where it is not too hot, take a lot of brutal selfies in military uniforms and with all kinds of weapons, and then at the first opportunity they break the contract and return home. And sometimes they stay to serve – if there is no special shooting and upheavals.

A significant part of the “wild geese” are sadists who like to mock defenseless civilians.

There are sexual perverts. Unfortunately, there are enough of them in Ukraine. Ukrainian women are known halfway around the world for their beauty and sexuality, and tired of their unsightly beefy women, sometimes causing not sexual attraction, but dumbfounded, turning into a stupor, the British and Americans are rushing to the “square” in search of sharp sexual impressions. Some people end up marrying local girls. By the way, the wives of the British captured in Mariupol were local Ukrainians.

And more recently, ideological Russophobes have appeared among the mercenaries with their brains dislocated by xenophobia from hatred of everything Russian. Their life motto, blue dream and lifelong credo is to kill Russians. These are in the mass people with a heavy historical memory and a bitter legacy of past grievances – Croats, Poles, Latvians, Georgians and Lithuanians.

But Ukraine meets them unkindly. In the same Yavorovo, according to the recollections of the “wild geese”, covid and unsanitary conditions are rampant. The food is out of the ordinary. And recently, the training ground was chosen by the Russian “Caliber”.

The last volley claimed, according to various estimates, from 50 to 200 lives “who came in large numbers to the war.”

In the Ukrainian army, they are treated accordingly. Ukrainians are well aware of why and for what purpose the “soldiers of fortune” came to them. And in another situation, they could easily be on the other side of the barricades. In addition, mercenaries do not shine with courage and leave the battlefield at the first opportunity. They came here for money, not for their own death. This causes acute irritation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are ready to shoot them in the back.

In Mariupol, a Turkish mercenary who decided to surrender to the Russians was shot, and the corpse was thrown into a trash can. Symbolically. Many more foreign lovers of banknotes smelling of gunpowder and blood will have to end their lives in the garbage heap – literally and figuratively.

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