Sep 11, 2022
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Men are fighting for the heart of Nastya Ivleeva


Leading Nastya Ivleeva decided to take up her personal life.

Anastasia Ivleeva last year divorced her husband, Alexei Uzenyuk, known as Eljey. According to the TV presenter, the breakup was painful, but the former spouses remained on friendly terms and often spend time together.

Despite fans’ hopes of a reunion, each of the former spouses builds their own personal lives. And now several men will compete for the heart of Anastasia at once.

I think many people are aware that now I am filming in a project where wonderful men are fighting for my tender heart – a-ha-ha-ha … So it’s hard to say for sure!”, – writes Channel Five, citing Ivleeva’s social networks.

Nastya Ivleeva - photo from the archive -
Nastya Ivleeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The star decided to keep the intrigue and attract everyone’s attention, so she did not say what the name of the show would be and where it could be seen. Judging by how skillfully Ivleeva knows how to “warm up” the audience, the show promises to be popular.

True, fans still believe that it is better not to find a couple of Alexei Anastasia. In addition, they remained close even after the divorce, and fans suspect that soon Ivleeva and Eldzhey will please everyone with their reunion. Moreover, Nastya once mentioned that she was not averse to giving their couple a second chance.

No one has a chance, in the heart of Aldzhey”, “Why someone when there is Lech ?!”, “Lech is the best! And he took your heart a long time ago!” fans commented.

It is noteworthy that after parting with Anastasia, her career went uphill. She is still popular, starring in new projects.

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