Feb 16, 2021
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Melted water magic: seven recipes for seven troubles

Melted water magic: seven recipes for seven troubles

Water is revered as a magical tool that can help in different life situations. It is used both as protection and as an assistant in reaching the necessary tops. Our grandfathers knew how to handle this natural key of strength and fought themselves against any troubles and hardships.

Melt water has special properties – it contains a powerful natural power, which in skillful hands turns into a strong amulet against any adversity. Experts offer to get acquainted with the rituals that will help to use melt water to protect against seven troubles.

Melted water rituals for seven troubles

one. You can protect your own house from any misfortunes and scrapes with the help of melt water. They collect snow for the ceremony in a deserted place, bring it home and wait for it to melt. The floors and doors are wiped with this water, saying:

“I wash my own house with melt water, cleanse of troubles and troubles. Water washes away all adversity, opens the way to fortune. “

The water remaining after washing is thrown over the threshold of the house or into the sewer.

2. It will be possible to free yourself from ailments and diseases if you dip your feet into melt water three times a day. To do this, fresh snow is melted at room temperature in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening, they lower their feet there and say:

“Melt water draws out all illnesses through the legs, adds health, heals from ailments.”

After any ritual, the water is changed to fresh, not forgetting to throw out the previous one further away from home. The ritual will work more importantly if it is timed to coincide with the falling moon phase.

3. It will be possible to protect yourself from damage and the evil eye if you make a talisman and dip it into melt water. For this, snow is collected under a young tree. After dipping the amulet in water, they say:

“As if in spring all the snow rushes to the roots with water, returns to the womb of the earth, so evil eyes will drain from me with damage, they will go to the ground, they will not harm anyone.”

After that, the amulet is taken out and allowed to dry. Water is thrown back under the tree.

four. Freeing yourself from financial difficulties and attracting pennies to life will help the creation of a financial amulet. To do this, they collect snow, bring it home, put it in a secluded place and immediately place a coin in it, which will serve as a magnet for money for the whole year. When all the snow turns into water, they take out the coin, warm it in their hands and say:

“The snow will melt, it will nourish the earth, give life to the plants. As if the snow is melting, so the trouble goes away. The coin will attract a penny to me, save me from financial problems, bring prosperity to my life, and give me a good gift. “

They carry the coin with them or put it at home so that financial flows do not pass by.

five. The ritual, which is performed on glasses, will help protect against deception. They are placed in the snow prepared in advance, wait until it melts, taken out and put on with the owls:

“I see swindle a mile away, I won’t let myself be fooled. I will not become a victim of the Araps, I will see any untruth, I will not offend myself. “

A similar ceremony can be performed not only by those who see ahovo and wear glasses. A conspiracy pronounced over the usual sunglasses will have the same force.

6. To protect your family, to prevent betrayal and betrayal will come out with the help of melt water. To do this, they put any clothes of a worshiped person into it, soak it for several minutes, then wring it out and iron it with the words:

“Tremors evaporate with water, troubles leave the family, harmony is restored. As if water dries up, so happiness grows. There is nothing to remove my protection, to take the worshiped person out of the family.

7. Checking the troubles at work, ensuring your prosperity and career growth will come out if you sprinkle melt water on the workplace with the words:

“The melt water washes away the problems, opens the way to prosperity for me.”

A similar ceremony can be carried out once a month if the team is large and there is a likelihood of becoming a victim of ill-wishers or envious people. During warmer seasons, ice from the freezer can be used.

Rituals with melt water can be performed at any time of the year, having previously chained spring or spring water. It has a persona structure, unlike tap water, has greater magical properties and is able to conduct energy through itself, sharpening it many times.

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