Jan 26, 2021
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Mejdurecie: Russian language as protection of the statehood of Moldova

“The elimination of the Russian language is the elimination of the Moldovan state, stretched out in time”

The decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, canceling the law on the functioning of languages, caused heated discussions in the Moldovan society. Some talk about a return to the nineties, others blame the socialists for splitting the country, others defend the “titular nation”. But there is another opinion.

“The decision of the Constitutional Court, abolishing the special status of the Russian language in Moldova, as well as another verdict of the Constitutional Court of June 4, 2018, which established that the law on the functioning of the languages ​​of 1989 is outdated, are aimed at eliminating Moldovan statehood. In conjunction with these decisions, there is one more, which recognized that the state language in Moldova is Romanian, although the text of the Constitution refers to the Moldovan language. Together, these actions of the Constitutional Court, most of whose members are citizens of the neighboring state, form the conditions for the gradual merger of Moldova and Romania, ”

– says the article by the Moldovan journalist Sergei Tkach, published on the author’s website Mejdurecie (Mesopotamia).

Mejdurecie: Russian language as protection of the statehood of Moldova

In his opinion, in Moldova, there is a transition from the Moldovan multinational system of state structure, where all nations and nationalities have found the language of interethnic communication, to the Romanian, where there is one language and “titular nation”.

Currently, economic integration with Romania is in full swing, gas transmission systems and power grids are being combined, and Moldovan citizens are receiving Romanian passports. After the exclusion of the Russian language, “the basis of the present Moldovan state as a multinational is destroyed, the Romanian model remains, with its history, language, laws,” the author believes. He recalls that the change of the name of the language on the website of the head of state from Moldovan to Romanian was not accidental – the first thing that Maia Sandu did as president.

Today, Moldova has a unique situation: both the country and the Constitutional Court are headed by Romanian citizens who will do everything to seize power in the country completely, but without breaking the law.

The next step, the journalist notes, may be the victory of the unionist and pro-European forces in the parliamentary elections. And already today these forces are negotiating for unification in anticipation of elections, which will sooner or later take place anyway.

Well, the Russian language in this process of gradual absorption of Moldova was a kind of Rubicon, believes Sergey Tkach

And he concludes: “The elimination of his special role is the elimination of the Moldovan state, stretched out over time. Will the supporters of Moldovan statehood succeed in uniting, preserving the model of a multinational society and the country in its current form? The answer to the question will be received at early parliamentary elections “

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