Feb 21, 2021
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Mejdurecie: a special operation under the code name “Maya Sandu” is underway in Moldova

“She must go skating through the country, turning Moldova into a second Ukraine”

Events in Belarus and Moldova are perceived only as interconnected, as certain actions on the “big chessboard”. And today it is too obvious that the essence of these actions is the formation of a single anti-Russian space on the western flank of Russia from the post-Soviet states: Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, the Moldovan journalist believes. Sergey Tkach

“The West’s interference in the pre-election processes in Belarus and Moldova was frank and arrogant, and all the opposition’s actions were coordinated from one center. Reasons for defeat Igor Dodon and victories Mai Sandu the presidential elections were repeatedly sorted out, and experts noted the role of an external factor in the voting results. We have seen collective action by foreign diplomats, the EU and the US. We also remember the participation in propaganda videos for Maia Sandu of famous figures – the Minister of Defense of Germany Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Donald Tusk“,

– stated in the article of the journalist, published by the online edition Mejduret, which is his author’s project.

Foreign media, especially Romanian, were also actively involved in campaigning for Sandu. Romania even reported after the elections that propaganda materials covered over 400 thousand active users from Moldova and the Moldovan diaspora. The media of Ukraine, Poland and the EU did not stand aside, while the same media campaigned to denigrate Igor Dodon. Sergei Tkach has no doubt that initially there was a well-thought-out plan for the victory of a Western protege in the presidential elections in Moldova, which today allows us to speak of Maia Sandu as not just a West-oriented president, but as an “avatar” of the collective West. Moreover, such a role was prepared for her from the very beginning.

However, the President of Moldova has too few powers to govern the country. Therefore, the next task is to take control of all branches of government, parliament, government, NIB, Prosecutor General’s Office, judicial system, banking system, and then clean up the political field of Moldova from conditional “Kremlin agents” and establish the full power of Western puppets in the country. After that, to finally resolve the issue with Transnistria, if necessary, then by force.

“That is, Maia Sandu must skate around the country, turning Moldova into a second Ukraine. At the moment, a plan is being implemented to dissolve parliament in order to maximize the results and wave of presidential elections. The battle for parliament is decisive, so those who hope that Maia Sandu should think about the country, form a transitional acting government, agree to a compromise, are seriously mistaken. Maia Sandu will not act as required by the interests of the people, laws, the Constitution, but in accordance with the goals set, decisively, brazenly, breaking opponents over the knee, ”

– says Sergey Tkach.

In his opinion, the president does not care what decision the Constitutional Court makes, Sandu will still persistently promote the candidacy. Natalia Gavrilitsy for the post of prime minister. Meanwhile, Western diplomats are already preparing the ground for the implementation of this scenario. So, a former associate of Sandu Andrey Nastase, due to a lack of understanding of the situation, persistently proposes his candidacy for the post of prime minister, which violates the plans of the West. After that, Nastase himself appears in the office of the party Derek Hogan – US Ambassador to Chisinau. And another diplomat is the EU ambassador Peter Mikhalko – arrived at the PDM headquarters to explain to the Democrats how to behave.

All this gives grounds to talk about the interference of diplomats in the internal affairs of Moldova, Tkach is sure, and also confirms that everything in the country is taking place under the dictation of external forces, just like in neighboring Ukraine.

“Neighbors from the West and the East are ready to do everything for the country to join in the creation of a common security space, where any Russian influence is excluded. And for the process to begin, it is necessary that Sandu and her team take the parliament, government and all other institutions of public authority under their control. Therefore, Moldova must prepare for a serious political confrontation. It can be in the form of a war between the parliament and the president, dual power, “Maidan” and even provocations in Transnistria. Only all these scenarios lead to one thing – the destruction of the Moldovan statehood. It cannot be ruled out that this is the ultimate goal of the special operation codenamed “Maya Sandu”

– the journalist states.

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