Mar 6, 2021
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Meghan Markle accused members of the royal family of “leaking” compromising evidence

Prince Harry’s grandmother Meghan Markle suspected some royal relatives of spreading incriminating information about her.

Meghan Markle accused members of the royal family of

We are talking about a number of cases that happened back in 2018, writes The Times, citing knowledgeable clues.

Rumors appeared before Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Someone told reporters that Harry allegedly treated the costume designer Elizabeth II clumsily, and Megan snatched Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, to cry.

The courtiers said that Meghan Markle decided: these bells flew into the pages of the tabloids from Kate Middleton herself. She thought in the sink also Prince Charles and Baba Camilla.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were also featured, which is very difficult to work with. Allegedly, they unhypocritically believe that the servants spoil their lives.

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