Sep 7, 2021
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Megaproject we didn’t know about.

We continue the cycle of materials on the Eastern Economic Forum. In this article, we will consider such a block as the transport infrastructure of the Far East

According to the results of the project session, Roman Trotsenko presented the relevant proposals on transport to Putin.

Let’s go straight through the list of proposals:

1. To increase the reverse excise tax rate on aviation fuel for the Far East from 2.08 to 3.34, as well as to 6 for remote airports

Indeed, one of the main problems of air transportation in the Far East is the high cost of kerosene. In this regard, transportation is unprofitable and subsidized by the state. However, it is much easier to partially relieve the burden by increasing the reverse excise tax on aviation kerosene.

Putin fully supported the proposal, immediately giving the appropriate instructions to Siluanov.

Also, the problem of aviation fuel in the Far East will be resolved through the construction of appropriate production facilities, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev. In particular, on Sakhalin, Gazprom is to build a plant for the production of both aviation kerosene and other types of fuel.

2. Construction of the private railway Elga – Sea of ​​Okhotsk

We have already talked about this project.

In short, A-Property is ready to build a railway within five years, designed to export 30 million tons of Yakut coal per year. In return, A-Property wants to get priority access to the BAM and Transsib during this period, since the construction will be carried out at the expense of export proceeds.

Vladimir Putin rejected such a proposal, saying that providing priority access would discriminate against other shippers. And he proposed the following: “A-Property” purchases at its own expense an improved train (locomotives and wagons), which will allow transporting more coal, Russian Railways transfers them. Over time, Russian Railways buys them out. At the same time, due to the growth of export earnings, A-Property is building a railway.

In our opinion, the state can independently at its own expense (NWF to help) carry out the third stage of the expansion of the BAM and Transsib, or build the Elga – Sea of ​​Okhotsk branch. There is money for this, but the railway will belong to the state, and not to a private company. At the same time, there are no complaints about A-Property. The company has re-registered from offshore companies to Russia, pays 1.5 billion rubles from each mined million tons of coal and makes a huge contribution to the economy of the Far East.

3. Megaproject, the working title of which can be given “Kuzbass – Barents Sea”

Despite the fact that information about him was sometimes articulated, he did not become widely known. However, the construction of the railway infrastructure will make it possible to export coal from Kuzbass through the Arctic Ocean, the distance to which is one and a half times shorter than to the ports of the Pacific Ocean.

To implement the project, it is necessary to build the following objects:

  • Bely Yar (Tomsk region) – Nizhnevartovsk (KhMAO)

  • Nadym – Salekhard (this is the Northern latitudinal passage)

  • Usinsk (?) – Indiga. Why is it questionable, since there are several options, you can also from Syktyvkar

  • Indiga port

  • The project is ambitious and complex. However, its implementation will allow organizing the export of coal not through the BAM and Transsib, but in a completely different direction, which will ensure the unloading of the Eastern landfill for more expensive cargo. There is no need to talk about the cost yet.

Vladimir Putin fully supported this project and gave it to deep development. We hope that the project will start immediately, as we do not have much time left to monetize our huge coal reserves.

Konstantin Dvinsky

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