Jun 22, 2021
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Megan Fox attended a secret concert of her lover Machine Gun Kelly

The 35-year-old actress watched what was happening in the company of Kourtney Kardashian.

Photo: Megan Fox and Coslon Baker. A source: Legion Media

Two days ago, in Venice Beach, California, a secret concert of Colson Baker, Megan Fox’s lover, took place. Fans of Machine Gun Kelly found out about the performance time an hour and a half before the start on Twitter:

“Venice Beach today is a rainbow rescue station at 3 pm,” the musician wrote.

Among the guests of the event, which was held on the roof of one of the buildings, Megan Fox was noticed. The Hollywood actress does not miss a single performance of the shocking rocker. This time, the brunette sat next to her sister Kim Kardashian, who is dating drummer and music writer Colson Baker. Couples communicate closely with each other and even go on dates together.

Photo: Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian and Coslon Baker with her daughter. A source: Legion Media

For the rock concert, Megan Fox chose an unusual outfit: jeans, designer sandals with rhinestones, a corset top, a “tiger” bag and a beige trench coat. Apparently, the actress failed to defend the action – in the pictures it is noticeable that she imposingly threw her legs, sitting on the roof in the company of a friend. No less extravagant was the outfit of Coulson himself. The blond opted for a tie-dye tie-dye suit, rough white boots and pearl beads.

After the concert, Megan and Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter headed to Santa Monica for dinner at a restaurant.

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