Aug 29, 2021
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Medvedev’s guard will support his “general” if he goes into battle

Photo: Dmitry Medvedev

In the photo: Dmitry Medvedev (Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS)

Underestimate the political potential Dmitry Medvedev – error. He is dangerous because he still has leverage in his hands.

Dmitry Medvedev’s speech at the plenary session of the second stage of the XX Congress of the United Russia Party caused at least bewilderment among many observers. Indeed, it was very much like an unsuccessful attempt to resurrect once again on the political Olympus of Russia.

As already noted by “SP”, the ex-prime minister and ex-president looked completely faded against the background of the current head of state, who, by the way, clearly outlined his presidential ambitions for 2024.

But this does not mean at all that Dmitry Medvedev has sunk into oblivion. And he has a post of almost prime minister’s status – deputy of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, and the members of his team (in vain someone considers her “former”) – not just warm jobs, but influential posts.

Here the most powerful position is probably Igor Shuvalov, who received the post of head of VEB in 2018 after 10 years as First Deputy Prime Minister. Under him, VEB was transformed into a state corporation, given new powers and transferred under his control to Rusnano, Skolkovo and other structures.

Now, under his leadership, another prominent representative of the “Medvedev team” – the former Deputy Prime Minister, and now the chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich

Former Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets took the post of deputy chairman of the board at Sberbank.

At the ex-minister of agriculture Elena Skrynnik after leaving the government, there were problems with law enforcement officers from Russia and Switzerland as part of an investigation into the large-scale embezzlement of large budget funds allocated to Rosagroleasing.

But in the end, everything somehow settled down, and now, as reported on her personal website, Elena Skrynnik is the head of the International Independent Institute for Investment Policy Analysis.

The accumulated political capital was successfully invested by the former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev… He became the head of one of the largest agricultural holdings in Russia – he headed the board of directors of JSC “Agrocomplex im. N.I. Tkachev “in the Kuban, founded by his father.

The list can be continued, but in short – who “did not sit down” through negligence, he is well and reliably attached.

– Medvedev and his team have not lost their influence – they occupy key positions not just in warm, but in the most resourceful places, – believes member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Obukhov:

– The Moor seems to have already done his job, he warmed up the chair, and handed it over to the leader of the nation so that he “zeroed out”, and thereby fulfilled his function.

Is the second coming of Dmitry Medvedev possible …

You know, I would not rule it out. If the country is presented with 60% of the votes of United Russia, then not only Medvedev, but also a bear can be put at the head of the country. He will only have to growl at the camera, and in fact, the levers of government in the country will be in other hands.

As for Mr. Medvedev himself, his role in the current “communal” company is understandable. After all, the authorities, as they say, decided to remove him out of sight, since he is an electorally discredited figure. But you never know that discredited, and the government can decide generally not to hold more elections and that’s it. In the meantime, Medvedev and his team retreated to reserve positions.

As for the talk that Medvedev has a sinecure in the Security Council – no, this is quite a commanding position that allows Medvedev to keep the team in the aft places. The current Russian Federation is, as they say, a form of implementation of the “golden vacuum cleaner” to pump resources out of the country and utilize the Soviet legacy to the West. Members of Mr. Medvedev’s team remained at the taps and tubes of this vacuum cleaner.

“SP”: – Its ranks have thinned a little …

– Yes, not all survived, of course. Abyzov, the former head of the “Open Government” was imprisoned, someone else ended up in places not so distant … But the main team is well attached, on sinecure. Moreover, while Dmitry Anatolyevich is in a position that is formally equivalent to that of prime minister, he will naturally cover his team. I think that this is the principle of the clan building of our society.

Yes, the Medvedev clan is weakened, but it has not gone anywhere, and according to the system of “national treasure” they donate everything to themselves. Nothing has changed here.

“SP”: – In their previous positions, these people directly influenced the fate of the country. We can say that they now deservedly occupy the current “warm” places, so to speak, they deserve?

– Are they worthy of it or not – a rhetorical question. But it was not just that Medvedev and his team tried to remove. The team is too clearly ineffective. And it became obvious that using their faces it was impossible to follow the previous course. I should have found someone fresher.

“SP”: – And the current positions of Medvedev’s team on the shoulder? Cope?

– Who knows how – does, who does not – teaches others. Classics of the genre. Only these characters were attached not just to warm places, they ended up in resource places, while retaining the functionality necessary for the authorities – to contribute to the “golden vacuum cleaner”. Now they are directly involved in this. So, this issue will be fundamentally resolved only with a change of course and power. Then it will be possible to talk about the extent of the damage inflicted on the country and to attract for the deed.

This is for the monstrous reform of medicine, and for the pogrom of industry, and for the ruined sphere of education, etc. For everything where Dmitry Anatolyevich and his team members have noted. Starting with the reform of the police, which was optimized into the police. It turned out to be a bit of a mess when it turned out that the repressive bodies had been strengthened, and those who were involved in public safety – local police officers, investigators who were drowning in a sea of ​​criminal cases – were weakened.

There is no one to really deal with economic crimes. Everything is aimed only at strengthening the repressive mechanism – to retain power. Not only this – everything that has been broken, ruined, will have to be dealt with. To revive normal Soviet medicine. Give up all these notions in education, like undergraduate studies, the Unified State Exam and the Bologna system. To cleanse all this obscurantism from the country, which distorted the Russian and Soviet schools and the education system as a whole.

“SP”: – And the political system will need to be reformed?

– Yes, these “parties of the same tram” were registered, and now we have a bunch of spoilers that are designed to ensure the victory of United Russia in the elections, drawing off votes from real parties. Dmitry Anatolyevich also put his hand here.

“SP”: – Here, after all, Vladislav Surkov especially distinguished himself, he was in charge of domestic politics. And Medvedev even publicly admitted that he and Surkov are like-minded people, and their disputes about “sovereign democracy” are “friendly conversations.” But Surkov still left politics, and claims that his return to the Kremlin is “not planned” and “impossible.”

– Surkov, of course, can say whatever he wants. But politics is still that drug, and he himself is a person who has tasted power. Imagined himself as a director of the Russian political scene … Surkov staged performances. He is the creator of the souvenir-staged democracy.

SP: – What is the repertoire on the Russian political scene now?

– Now everything is much more harsh. In our country, let’s say, to a greater extent the siloviki rule internal politics, and they do not need Surkov’s services. But at least his crowbar was wrapped in rags with ruffles. And he made them distracting maneuvers, made some passes. And now just a crowbar on the head – and forward.

Is the rating of the ruling party falling? Then get-sign for 10 thousand. And nothing that before that you robbed 250 thousand of each working pensioner? They did not pay each pensioner 90 thousand rubles in addition – only formally, under indexation.

And they stole a million rubles from two million pre-retirees. And these numbers will continue to grow. No, get 10 thousand each and go in orderly rows to vote supposedly electronically. Here, as they say, the authorities do not bother.

“SP”: – There is a constant debate over whether Dmitry Medvedev can again be in demand as a locum tenens in the presidency. And do you think those who are ranked on his team have a chance to be in the topmost position?

– Why not? I do not exclude this. If Vladimir Vladimirovich decides to conduct the next transit of power through the next zits-chairman, then Medvedev’s team will be in demand. They are, as if on a selection – the ideal zits-chairmen. Therefore, then it is quite possible that, for example, the largest latifundist in Europe, Mr. Tkachev, will turn out to be such. Or all the other “Medvedev” people. For example, with the speaking surname Golodets. All of them will be called. Such a turn is possible.

I think they hope so. Moreover, as we know, Dmitry Anatolyevich tried to position himself as the main negotiator with the US Democratic Party. Their elite, too, is lining up along lines of force – here the Democratic Party has clientele, here the Republicans clientele. Depending on this, appointments to political positions take place at our top in such a way as to better adapt to the interface of the Washington regional committee.

“SP”: – Is there a chance to break this tradition in the foreseeable future?

– Yes, if in these elections the Kremlin with its beloved party is a bummer, and it does not get the results it longs for.

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