Sep 4, 2021
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Medvedev’s election program: “Why feed Moscow – it won’t choose me in 2024”

Medvedev's election program:

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

Metropolitan mayor Sergei Sobyanin suddenly began to make excuses: no, Moscow does not milk Russia. On the contrary, white stone is the largest donor of the regions. According to him, “They don’t transfer to us, but the territory of Moscow is transferred to the federal budget. And this money is enough to transfer 60% of all transfers to all regions of the country ”.

Yeah, so they believed the mayor of the capital, zamkadyshi, hanging their ears. Around the same time that Sobyanin poured numbers and arguments in favor of the self-sufficiency of wealthy Moscow, somewhere a thousand kilometers to the south, in the small provincial town of Novocherkassk, rumors began circulating that another local large enterprise would begin to transfer taxes to the capital. According to the publication “Gorod N”, “The Energoprom Group, which owns EPM-NEZ JSC, plans to merge the legal entity of the Novocherkassk plant to the Moscow EL 6”

What does this threaten the local budget, the general director of Denisov-Audit LLC explained to the “N” edition Anton Denisov: “If a branch or PO does not have its own balance, then all regional taxes will go to the region at the place of registration of the head office.”… We are talking about property tax, transport tax, personal income tax, insurance contributions to the Pension Fund and the FSS and income tax.

Perhaps not all is lost. In any case, it has not yet been possible to clarify whether EL 6 will have a branch with its own balance in Novocherkassk. At the same time, the fact that there is no explanation indicates that the money will most likely go to the capital. Meanwhile, in the dock 2019, the enterprise made a profit of 5.8 billion rubles – a lot of money for the vegetating Zamkadye. Of these, 17% – or almost a billion – were transferred to the regional budget. But from 2022, again with a high degree of probability, these finances will go to the Sobyaninsk treasury.

In turn, residents of Novocherkass call the NEZ, which specializes in the production of artificial graphite, colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite and other graphite-based products, a stinker. A forum of angry townspeople who blame manufacturers for the outbreak of cancer is dedicated to the emissions of the electrode plant.

Note also that in the Rostov region there are many enterprises without their own balance sheet. There is no doubt that the same oil painting was painted in other regions. The situation is becoming so obvious that even the Ministry of Finance has prepared proposals for a more even distribution of taxes. At least, it is proposed to send income tax and personal income tax to local and regional budgets.

However, how quickly these initiatives will be implemented is another question. The Moscow authorities will fight for their “blood” to the last, especially the capital and federal bureaucrats have long become related in the literal and figurative sense.

Another thing is interesting: the need to dramatically raise revenues in Zamkadye was announced by none other than the head of United Russia. Dmitry Medvedev at the plenary session of the second stage of the XX EdRA Congress. Before that, he was absent for a long time, which gave rise to all sorts of rumors and speculations. Some telegram channels, allegedly familiar with the subject of the LADY, wrote that the deputy head of the Security Council was resting somewhere. Others – also referring to their insiders – reported that the leader of the “bears” worked hard to give out something that could lift his virtually zero rating to the skies.

In short, the ex-prime minister and ex-president gave out such “terribly interesting” that few people paid attention to. And, apparently, in vain. According to DAM, it is necessary to achieve a high standard of living not only in Moscow, but in all regions. In particular, he said: “We have a lot of territories. Unfortunately, they do not always develop evenly, and this inequality is the problem that requires a consistent solution. This will also need to be concentrated on our parties in the next five years “

The designated five-year term fits into the upcoming large electoral cycle, during which a transit of power, which is dangerous for society, is to take place. You don’t have to go far for an example. Another re-election Lukashenka in Belarus almost ended in a civil war.

Of course, there is not much time left until March 2024, but if you already start, say, from 2022, and distribute taxes more evenly, then the inhabitants of the poor Zamkadye will definitely feel an improvement in the quality of life. How much do the rogue-zamkadysham need? They gave the pensioners a dozen haymakers each, and there was so much talk, as if the old people were rich.

Around the rating of “bears”, countless copies are broken, but there is one regularity: in the rich capital, the authorities are not liked much more than in the poor regions. The paradox, however, has an explanation: the point is not even that the middle class is always more critical of the government. Much more painful for the Kremlin’s authority is the blatant social injustice and fabulous wealth of people warmed up by the power. In poor provinces, this inequality is less conspicuous.

According to the report of the Office of the Federal State Statistics Service for Moscow and the Moscow Region, the average monthly gross wages of metropolitan workers in April 2021 amounted to 117,768.5 rubles, or 15% more than a year earlier. But the share of residents of the capital who are ready to vote for United Russia was only 15% that April, or almost two times less than in 2019. You can, of course, take the data fresher, but, as you know, the closer to the elections, the less truth in opinion polls.

It is obvious that in 2024 the preferences of Muscovites will not change, even if their average salary jumps to 200 thousand rubles. Surely, the Kremlin understands this too, relying, by the way, on the results of the last elections of Lukashenka. Minsk was against the father, and the regions were for.

You can also say this: the capital is lost for EdRa, and whoever from the ruling party in 2024 ranks as a candidate, be himself Putin or his successor, Muscovites will not vote for him. In any case, the majority. This means that the “bears” will throw all their forces into the provinces to mobilize the electorate in their favor. Taking into account the fact that among a significant part of the castles, the idea is popular “Stop feeding Moscow”, then the slogan of the LADY about income equalization will be met with a bang in the regions.

Already at the very top, voices are heard about the withdrawal of the headquarters of leading corporations from Moscow. Let us repeat, we are working on the issue of leaving the income tax and personal income tax to the regions where the products are physically produced. Ideas are thrown into society that the capital should be moved to another city or even rebuilt altogether.

Considering that it was Medvedev who was actually the first to raise this issue, as in his time the topic of pension reform, it is obvious that Dmitry Anatolyevich will go to the elections in 2024 under the slogan of income equalization. It is possible that we will still see posters with the image of the LADY and the signature “You want to live like Muscovites, then vote for me”

True, if we take all Russian money for a conditional 100%, then today in the white-stone, in which 9% of the country’s population lives, turns, according to various experts, up to 80% of cash and non-cash. In order to achieve even a small increase in the living standards of the Zamkadysh people, the authorities will have to take huge amounts of money from the capital, which, naturally, will bring down the living standards of those who have become too hungry. On the other hand, the housing prices that have fallen in price will be a consolation for Muscovites, and those who have come in large numbers will surely flee to their homes.

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