May 19, 2020
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Medvedev said the current crisis “has no end in sight”

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The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is prolonged, and employment services work under these conditions not effective enough, says Dmitry Medvedev, chairman of United Russia.

“Every crisis story always reveals weaknesses. Obviously, this happened both in our country and in most other countries, ”Medvedev said on Tuesday at a meeting with members of the PolitStartap personnel project.

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One of such problems he called the lack of efficiency of employment services.

“In conditions of relative stability, they somehow perform their tasks, plus or minus, but when a crisis occurs, this is not the first crisis, although it is special and, unfortunately, has not yet the end of this crisis is visible - there was a failure [ввыполнении задач службами занятости], ”the chairman of United Russia believes.

He suggested “to think how to make these services more effective, so that they really are a connecting bridge between the employer and the employee, so that they don’t just shift the papers, Some data was entered into the computer, and this process was not only helped, but also managed. "

“ It would be possible to create a working group, to include representatives of the Ministry there of labor and social development, representatives of United Russia, social structures and work together, ”the party chairman suggested.

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Medvedev instructed to prepare an appropriate decision "on the party line" to implement this idea.

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