Sep 16, 2020
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Medvedchuk: Ukraine for two-thirds “lives in debt”

The head of the political council of the Ukrainian party "Opposition Platform - For Life" Viktor Medvedchuk said that the country's draft budget for 2021 was formed by 66% due to internal and external borrowings.

The politician noted that in 2020, the budget was also formed through borrowings. Medvedchuk believes that if the country cannot support itself, it means that the current authorities "are not able to ensure the life of Ukraine."

"If we live in debt by two-thirds, then the question arises already of a threat to national security," RIA Novosti quotes the politician as saying.

Medvedchuk also added that the government operates without a program and does not consult with the Verkhovna Rada and its profile committees.

Earlier, the Ukrainian opposition demanded the resignation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The reason for this in the party called the inability of the head of state to overcome the disastrous economic situation and the extreme dependence on Western creditors when making decisions.

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