Apr 2, 2021
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Meditation with the Moon

Meditation with the Moon

Meditation on the Moon portrays one of the most effective, since the power of the Moon portrays the most powerful. This meditation will energize you, open your mind, give you love of life, and calm you.

Experts point out that you can keep in touch with the Moon through amulets and jewelry. The monthly stone, pearls, platinum and silver products will help you with this. You can put such objects with you during meditation. This will enhance the beneficial effect.

It should be noted right away that on different days such meditation will be the healthiest in different areas and aspects of life. For example, during meditations on the waning moon, a person calms down, and his mind is harmonized. During meditations on the growing moon, a person is filled with energy. On the New Moon, love for life is found and enthusiasm appears, and during the period of the absolute Moon, creative energy is sharpened.

Experts strongly recommend meditating on the moon just after sunset. This is how the effectiveness of meditation will be the most sublime. Try to turn off the light, get rid of extraneous hums by shutting the windows and doors to the room. It is very important if the moon is seen in the sky during meditation.

We accept a sitting posture. Real meditation is done just like this. You can sit on a hollow or in an easy chair. Close the thorn and imagine that an invisible but tangible connection begins to form between you and the Moon. Stretch your gums forward and feel an airy tingling sensation or warmth. This is the energy of the moon.

Breathe correctly. It is impossible to breathe intermittently and quickly. This is the most sublime utilitarian aspect of all meditation. At the moment of connection with the Moon, one should inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This should be done as measuredly as possible. With every breath you take in the power of the moon.

To enhance the effect, it’s great to imagine that you are approaching the lunar disk, and you are surrounded by the entire darkness of space. Also, experts advise at the same time to listen to such magnified sounds of the moon. This sound is very similar to the wind soaked in the depths of space. It is great to listen to the sounds of the moon and the times of any meditations, or simply relax under them after a disastrous day at work. Here is a great example of such a sound, which will help you relax, fill with positive and love.

Also check out the meditations on Venus, Mars and Mercury. Each of them will be healthy at certain moments in life, will help to increase energy and be filled with creative space by force.

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