Jan 12, 2021
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Media: Trump Blames Antifa for Storming Capitol

According to the Axios portal, the current US President Donald Trump accuses members of the antifa movement of the storming of the Capitol and the riots in Washington.

This became known from a private telephone conversation between Trump and the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. According to sources of the publication, McCarthy tried to object to Trump, pointing out that his supporters staged the riots. It is noted that the conversation between the president and the leader of the Republicans was tense and at times “aggressive”.

In turn, according to Fox News, Trump, in a conversation with McCarthy, admitted that he has “some fault” for the riots that took place in the US capital last week.

Last Wednesday, supporters of the current head of the United States staged riots in Washington, the crowd besieged the Capitol, perpetrated a pogrom there, thus interrupting the joint session of the Congress, where at that moment the victory of the representative from the Democratic Party Joe Biden was claimed.

As a result of the clashes on Capitol Hill, five people have died, about 50 criminal cases have been opened, and the Democrats are going to impeach Trump.

Earlier, “AIF” wrote about what US residents think about the storming of the Capitol.

Note that on January 6, Trump instructed Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to consider including the American antifa movement on the list of terrorist organizations.

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