Feb 15, 2021
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Media: the work of six Japanese thermal power plants suspended due to the earthquake

In Japan, the operation of six thermal power plants in the northeast of the country has been suspended for safety checks after the earthquake that struck near the area on February 13. NHK TV channel informed about it on Monday.

Power generation is reported to have been partially suspended at one station in Miyagi Prefecture, another in neighboring Ibaraki, and four thermal power plants in Fukushima Prefecture. The Japanese authorities emphasize that the checks will not entail significant power outages, the channel reports.

A powerful earthquake struck on the evening of February 13 in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Fukushima Prefecture. The tremors were felt in no less than 10 prefectures in the northern, northeastern and central parts of the country. As a result, more than 150 people were injured.

The National Meteorological Office has warned that aftershocks are possible within a week, there have already been more than 20 of them by now. The earthquake itself, according to Japanese seismologists, was the aftershock of the March 11, 2011 earthquake.

Earlier it was reported that at least 1,596 residential buildings in Japan were damaged in the earthquake. The damaged buildings are mainly located in the northeastern Fukushima Prefecture – there are 1,410 houses. Another 186 buildings belong to the neighboring Miyagi Prefecture.

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