Jul 21, 2021
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Media: the real number of Russians who have recovered from COVID-19 may exceed 29 million

Let us remind you that on June 22, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that only visitors with a QR code will be able to enter the capital’s restaurants and cafes. Citizens who have been vaccinated, have suffered a coronavirus for the last six months, or have a negative PCR test have the right to receive it. Since the code was assigned only through the Moscow state services portal, this meant that people from other cities could not get into Moscow catering establishments. In this regard, the QR-code system was later introduced on the federal portal “Gosuslugi”.

The journalists drew attention to the fact that all certificates have unique numbers, and the last eight digits are the serial number of the patient. If the calculations of the media are correct, then it turns out that today the number of cases of COVID-19 in Russia exceeds 29 million people, and according to this indicator, our country is in the first place in the world. According to the official data of the headquarters, the number of detected cases in Russia is more than 6 million. The version that the authorities are underestimating the actual incidence rates by five times was confirmed by Meduza’s own anonymous source in one of the regional health ministries.

The authors of the article clarified that there may be errors in these calculations, since regional departments themselves determine how to keep records of those who have been ill, and some of them also enter into the general register all doubtful cases of ARVI, which can be up to 20-30%. In addition, patients who have not confirmed COVID-19 are removed from the register, and the released serial number is assigned to another infected person.

Open data analyst Alexander Dragan doubted the veracity of these conclusions, since the investigation is based on several dozen certificates of those who have been ill, and, according to him, this is not enough for this kind of confidence.

“29 million people who have had covid disease in the closed register of the Ministry of Health” is a statement that is too dashing and incorrect. There is no reason to assert that the Ministry of Health knows about 29 million covid patients, but reports only about 6. We do not know how many entries are actually in this registry. There may be 29 million, maybe 20 million. Or maybe 12 million, ”the analyst wrote on his Facebook page.

Dragan noted that all this does not mean that Russian statistics on COVID-19 are kept honest and transparent. In his opinion, the real number of cases is twice as high as according to the official data of the headquarters, at least in the first year of the epidemic in Russia.

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