May 15, 2020
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Media: Studny and Quit may leave university graduates without diplomas

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science Egor Stadny, who is responsible for higher education, is influenced by ex-minister Sergey Kvit, and, in the absence of a minister, implements Kvit’s plans for costly accreditation of educational programs at the NAOKVO and the hunt for scientific plagiarism.

The activities of Stadny and Kvit can lead to the fact that thousands of university graduates file lawsuits against the Ministry of Education for violating their rights to receive diplomas. What causes alarm in the staff of the ministry. This was reported by a source in the Ministry of Education and Science.

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Education and Science, headed at that time by adviser Sergei Kvit Anna Novosad, initiated amendments to the legislation on higher education. Now universities can not issue diplomas of state standard if their educational programs are not accredited by the National Agency for the Quality Assurance of Higher Education (NAOKVO, in Ukrainian. NAZYAVO - National Agency for Health Protection), which with 13. 02. 19 is headed by Quit. He was the initiator of the introduction of accreditation of educational programs.

The cost of accrediting one program at Quita agency is about 90 thousand UAH Universities that fail or fail due to financial problems or conflicts with the former minister to accredit their programs are deprived of the right to issue any kind of diplomas.

This creates the ground for lawsuits, since by law accreditation is mandatory only for state diplomas, which are recognized by the NAOKVO.

However, the Herd, in violation of the law “On Higher Education (“ I'm looking for sanitation ”) from 2014, treats it as a compulsory procedure for all types of diplomas. Recognizing the impossibility of graduates to receive a document on higher education.

The source also said that the staff of the Ministry of Education is concerned about the consequences of another joint project of Stadny and Quit - according to deprivation of academic degrees of “plagiarists of dissertations”. This procedure is not detailed in the Novosad law, which allows the NAOKVO to transfer responsibility to the MES Certification Board. After the Minister’s resignation, Yegor Stadny became the highest-ranking official on the board.

According to this scheme, Petr Yushchenko was deprived of the degree of Doctor of Science. Also, the NAOKVO confirmed the presence of plagiarism in the dissertations of the AP of the time of Yanukovych Andrei Portnov, the head of the Department of Philosophy of KNUKiI, the wife of the former vice-premier Yekaterina Kirilenko and the dean of the faculty of law of KNU Ivan Gritsenko, who supported Andrei Meleshevich in the struggle for the post of president of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, and not the creature of Kvita Marina Tkachuk. The driver of the process is the deputy of “Voices” Inna Sovsun , who created the CEDOS grant center with Quit and Stadny.

Retroacting the “Novosad law” creates the conditions for lawsuits against the Ministry of Education or a corruption decision on the issue of maintaining the scientific rank of those plagiarized. “We don’t want to go to court and interrogation and take a nap for the herd’s business with Quit,” a source at the Ministry of Education said.

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