Oct 14, 2020
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Media: singer Svetlana Vladimirskaya was taken from the Vissarion community with pneumonia

Svetlana Vladimirskaya, a well-known singer in the 1990s, was brought from the religious community “Church of the Last Testament” by Sergei Torop (Vissarion) to Krasnoyarsk with bilateral pneumonia caused by a coronavirus disease. This is reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda-Krasnoyarsk with reference to its sources.

The artist was taken to the regional center by sanitary aviation, before that she was in a local hospital with an attack of another illness, the newspaper writes.

The most famous song of Vladimirskaya was the hit "My Boy", recorded in the early 1990s. Then the singer stopped performing, and later it turned out that she and her family moved to the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, to the Kuraginsky District, becoming a follower of Vissarion.

Now the artist lives in the village of Petropavlovka, leads the church choir in the community, and also owns a cafe and a grocery store.

Earlier, Vladimirskaya spoke out in defense of Vissarion, who is under arrest in the case of the creation of a religious association, the activities of which are associated with violence, and the infliction of serious harm to the health of two or more persons.

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