Jan 6, 2022
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Media: Shooting Started in Alma-Ata

Heavy shooting began in Alma-Ata, where riots continue for several days, TASS reports.

“Those who run from the side of the square say that [силовики] shot at the instigators of the riots, – said the source of the agency. – We saw how some of them fell for sure.

A special operation continues in the city, the military is firing at the instigators of the riots and cars, Baza reports citing eyewitnesses.

It is reported that military trucks are marching into the city center, and security officials are asking everyone to leave Republic Square over loudspeakers.

According to Sputnik Kazakhstan, an attack on the Almaly District Police Department was repulsed in Alma-Ata.

Since January 2, residents of Kazakhstan have been massively protesting against the rise in prices for liquefied gas. In different cities of the republic, riots are observed on the streets, there are dead and injured. Russian peacekeepers have been working in the country since today.

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