Feb 18, 2021
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Media reported on the detection of a new strain of coronavirus in Norway

Norway has recorded about 10 cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus, dubbed B.1.525, reports TASS, referring to the Norwegian media.

The country’s health institute said they do not yet know if this type of virus is more contagious. It is also not yet known whether it was imported from abroad.

According to experts, the new strain has similarities with the British and South African mutations. There are currently over 700 cases of these variants of the virus in Norway.

Recall that earlier strain B.1.525 found in the UK and several other countries. According to scientists, this type of virus has a “potentially alarming” set of mutations. In particular, one of them makes it more resistant to antibodies.

Another previously unknown variant of the coronavirus found in Finland. It was named Fin-796H. It was noted that mutations in this strain make it difficult to detect with WHO-recommended PCR tests.

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