Oct 13, 2020
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Media reported first death after re-infection with COVID-19

The Netherlands recorded the world's first death of a person after re-infection with a coronavirus, according to BNO News.

We are talking about an 89-year-old woman who suffered from cancer. She was hospitalized in July and tested positive for coronavirus.

After five days, the woman's condition improved, the symptoms of infection disappeared, and she was discharged.

However, two months later, she was again admitted to the hospital with a high fever and cough, and the coronavirus test was positive. A week later, the elderly woman's health deteriorated, and two weeks later she died.

According to BNO News, a total of 23 cases of re-infection with coronavirus have been detected in the world. 20 people have already recovered, two are still undergoing treatment.

In the Netherlands, over 181 thousand people are infected with the coronavirus. More than 6.5 thousand of this number died.

Over the past month, the number of daily detected cases of infection in the country has been constantly growing. 6,854 people tested positive for coronavirus on Monday. This is almost 500 more infected than the day before.

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