Jan 14, 2022
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Media: Poroshenko managed to transfer the main business to his son before the arrest of assets

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko transferred the bulk of his business, including the Roshen confectionery corporation, to his son Alexei in order to avoid the arrest of these assets, according to the Ukrainian Internet resource Sledstvie.Info.

On January 6, the Pechersky District Court of Kiev arrested Poroshenko’s property in the case of treason. However, as Ukrainian journalists found out, there are no large enterprises among the seized assets, there are 10 companies that are not super-profitable.

At the same time, the Roshen corporation was considered the most valuable property of the former head of state, its value exceeded $1 billion.

Together with the confectionery business, Poroshenko’s eldest son also got another 50 companies, most of which are directly related to Roshen.

Recall that Poroshenko is suspected of treason in the case of coal supplies from Donbass. The ex-president is now outside the country, but promises to return to Ukraine on January 17 to take part in the court hearing.

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