Jan 18, 2022
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Media: Poroshenko fell asleep in court, where a preventive measure was chosen for him

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko fell asleep at a court hearing on the election of a measure of restraint for him in the case of high treason. The meeting was broadcast by the YouTube channel “Judicial Power of Ukraine”.

Today the politician arrived home from Warsaw. At the Kiev airport, according to the ex-president, they tried not to let him into the country, taking away his passport under the pretext of conducting an inspection. Later, the document was returned to him, and he was able to cross the border.

The Pechersky District Court considered the petition of the prosecutor’s office to select a measure of restraint for Poroshenko. As RIA Novosti notes, during the speech of lawyer Igor Golovan, the politician closed his eyes, leaned on his arm and began to bow his head. After a little over a minute, he opened his eyes. None of the participants in the meeting, including the judge, paid any attention to this.

On December 17, Poroshenko, a suspect in the treason case, left the country and went on a diplomatic tour. Earlier, the press service of the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office said that the prosecutor’s office would ask the court to arrest the former president with the possibility of posting a bail of about $37 million.

Earlier, wrote in detail about what awaits Poroshenko at the trial in Kiev. The confrontation between the former and current Ukrainian presidents has reached a climax.

The political scientist also suggested the existence of security guarantees for Poroshenko from the West. According to the expert, this is why the ex-president returned to Ukraine.

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