Jan 6, 2022
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Media: offices of five TV channels destroyed in Alma-Ata

During the riots in Alma-Ata, the offices of five TV channels were ransacked, Telegram channel Sputnik Kazakhstan reports.

The message specifies that it is about the buildings of the channels “Mir”, “Kazakhstan”, “Khabar”, “Eurasia” and “CPC”.

According to the Khabar 24 channel, one of its employees was injured in the protesters’ attack on the office of the Kazakhstan TV channel.

Protests in western Kazakhstan began on January 2 amid a two-fold increase in the price of liquefied natural gas. They subsequently spread to most of the country. On January 4-5, the most violent riots took place in Almaty, where protesters seized or set fire to the buildings of the mayor’s office, the presidential residence, the airport, and the state TV channel. In the evening of January 5, a state of emergency was introduced throughout Kazakhstan.

The President of the Republic, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, turned to the CSTO partner countries for help.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is in favor of stabilizing the situation in Kazakhstan within the framework of the constitution. The European Union also issued an official statement, Brussels called on the authorities to respect the people’s right to peaceful protest, and the demonstrators to renounce violence.

At present, the advanced units of the CSTO have begun to carry out tasks in Kazakhstan.

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