Oct 18, 2020
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Media: letter with unknown powder and threats sent to Croatian prime minister

According to the information portal Dnevnik, Croatian Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovich received an envelope with white powder and a letter with threats the day before, TASS reports.

The letter was sent to the Prime Minister at the headquarters of the ruling Croatian Democratic Commonwealth party.

Now the police understand the circumstances of the incident. An official investigation has begun.

Note that the Croatian Interior Ministry is currently also investigating the shooting in the government quarter in Zagreb, including for a possible attempt on the life of the country's Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic.

On the morning of October 12, 22-year-old Daniel Bezuk fired automatic weapons at three police officers who were on duty on the outer perimeter of St. Mark's Square, where government buildings are located. One policeman was injured in the attack. The attacker himself fled, and then committed suicide.

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