May 20, 2020
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Media: in Russia, all notifications from the state can be translated into electronic form

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It is assumed that reports of fines, penalties or the provision of services from government agencies will be carried out through the portal of public services or electronic systems workflow.

The Ministry of Communications of Russia has developed a draft law on the transfer to electronic format of all notifications from the state to citizens and organizations. It is assumed that fines, penalties or the provision of services from government agencies will be reported through the government services portal or electronic document management system.

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This bill will simplify the interaction between government bodies and citizens, as well as avoiding problems in obtaining information on fines. However, in order for the initiative to work, it is necessary to amend the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO), Kommersant writes.

The ministry cited figures that clearly show that the state is not profitable to send notifications via Russian Post . In the 2019 year alone, the Russians received almost 600 millions of notifications of fines and penalties that cost the budget 22 billion rubles. The most popular is the distribution of fines to car owners. In the mail, motorists received in the 2019 year more than 122 million decisions, each of which is paid on average at the tariff 50 rubles per letter.

According to Sergey Vikharev, Director of the KPMG Advanced Technology Consulting Group in Russia and the CIS, this initiative should be technically foreseen from what moment the letter is considered received. Also, so that the addressee reads the notification, and not just sends a letter, increasing the risk of additional fines.

Earlier, the State Duma passed a law according to which motorists will be able to pay a fine with 50 - a percentage discount even after the established grace period in days). This applies to cases where the decision comes later than the established grace period. Until this moment, the driver, even if the letter arrived after 000 days from the date of the fine, had to pay it in full.

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