Sep 16, 2020
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Media: Germany offered the United States a deal for the waiver of sanctions on “Nord Stream-2”

The German federal government has offered the United States a billion-dollar deal in exchange for Washington's refusal to impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, according to the German newspaper Die Zeit.

According to the newspaper, Berlin has come up with an initiative to invest about € 1 billion in the construction of two terminals in Germany for receiving American liquefied gas. It is noted that the Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz addressed the head of the US Treasury to Stephen Mnuchin in August with the corresponding plan.

According to the document, Germany has promised the United States "significantly increase public support for the construction" of terminals in the ports of Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmshaven, intended for the import of liquefied natural gas.

Earlier, Mac Thornberry, a member of the US House of Representatives Armed Affairs Committee, said that the draft US defense budget with expanded sanctions against SP-2, most likely, will not be approved in the near future.

Meanwhile, Waldemar Gerdt, a spokesman for the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, announced the Christian Democratic Union's readiness to close the project.

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