Jan 11, 2021
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Media: Capitol Police Officer Could Commit Suicide After Storming Building

The AP agency reports about the possible suicide of a Capitol police officer after the storming of the building by supporters of Donald Trump.

According to the agency, we are talking about 51-year-old police officer Howard Liebengud, who has worked in the protection of the US Congress building since 2005.

On the eve of the US authorities announced the death of a policeman, but the reasons for his death were not specified. The AP also does not claim that Liebengood’s death was linked to the capture of the Capitol by protesters.

Recall that on January 6, supporters of the current US President Donald Trump burst into the building of the American Congress and disrupted the meeting at which it was planned to approve the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential elections. During the storming of the building, five people were killed.

Members of the United States Democratic Party intend to impeach Trump for “inciting mutiny” after storming the Capitol. According to the speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress Nancy Pelosi, the current American leader in the last days of his stay in power may start hostilities or order a nuclear strike.

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