Apr 20, 2021
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Media: Breathing Tests for COVID-19 Started at Singapore Airport

The TracieX test, created by the Singaporean medical company Silver Factory Technology, works like a good old breathalyzer: you need to breathe into a “tube”, and the device will record changes in the chemical composition of breathing. The result appears in one to two minutes.

So far, the new technology is being used in a test mode, but in the future it may become a worthy alternative to PCR tests – the “gold standard” for COVID-19 diagnostics around the world. In clinical studies, the breath test has exceeded 95% accuracy and nearly 100% specificity, The Straits Times reported. The obvious advantage of TracieX is its availability by local standards: about $ 26. With the start of large-scale production, the cost of the device will decrease, the developers noted.

Clinical trials of the new test began in March at Changi Airport. Arriving passengers were randomly selected and offered to voluntarily undergo testing. Since Singapore has very strict safety standards during a pandemic and all passengers are required to take PCR tests, all participants knew their COVID status in advance. At the moment, more than 400 people have been tested.

Starting in June, Silver Factory Technology will begin large-scale production of tests, at least 200 thousand units per month will be produced per month, and in the future – up to 2 million. According to the developers, the mass introduction of the breath test will simplify the organization of safe travel and public events.

“Breath tests are less invasive, more cost-effective and can give results in just two minutes. If there is evidence of their reliability, they will help accelerate the lifting of restrictions, “The Straits Times quoted Albert Lim, vice president of passenger transportation at Chang Airport, as quoted by The Straits Times.

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