Nov 8, 2021
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Media: about 50 thousand people affected by floods in India

About 50 thousand residents of the southern state of Tamil Nadu were affected by heavy rainfall and floods caused by them, reports Radio India.

Since November 6, rainfall has triggered flooding and discharged water in the state’s three largest inland waters.

According to the authorities, the disaster caused significant damage to 12 districts of Tamil Nadu, including its capital Chennai. Hundreds of citizens were evacuated from the affected areas.

There are 900 rescue workers on high alert in Tamil Nadu. In the state capital and three neighboring regions, classes in schools and colleges have been canceled for two days. In Chennai, traffic is disrupted, and in a number of areas, residents are left without electricity.

Forecasters predict continued rainfall in the region for several more days. According to the Meteorological Department of India, the first two months of autumn marked the record for the most rainfall in India since 2016.

Earlier it was reported that due to climate change, six cities on the planet could go under water by 2030. The first, according to researchers, will suffer Amsterdam.

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