Sep 5, 2022
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Meatballs with gravy (recipe)

Meatballs with gravy (recipe)

Meatballs “as in the dining room” in Russian cuisine occupy not the last place. This is a wonderfully tasty meat dish, which can equally be included in the menu of kids and in the diet of adults, both perfectly healthy people and those with digestive system disorders.

After all, the method of heat treatment of the meat ingredient of this dish is mainly chosen either by steam or by baking in the oven. That is, frying in oil, which is such a harmful way of cooking, is categorically excluded when cooking meatballs.

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  • Part 1 – prepare minced meat
  • part 2 – make the gravy

Ready minced meat for meatballs

For this dish, you must first prepare the minced meat. Here it is immediately worth deciding for whom the dish will be prepared. If the eaters are all healthy and old enough, then you can take any minced meat. Triple minced meat is considered the most delicious, that is, one that includes three types of meat: beef, lamb and pork. Some gourmets even add some poultry and liver to it, believing that this will make the meat dish much more tender.

The choice of components that make up minced meat can be arbitrary and completely depends on the taste preferences of the hostess. Completely pork or ground beef is possible, and some even buy it ready-made in the store.

Another thing is if the dish is prepared for people with health problems or for feeding small children. In these cases, dietary minced meat should be prepared, for which the use of pork meat is excluded.

It is permissible to add raw rice to minced meat. In this case, the dish is called “hedgehogs”, as it takes on an interesting look before serving: white grains of rice stick out in all directions from the meat ball. Many note that “hedgehogs” are tastier and more tender than ordinary meatballs without rice. Moreover, in some cases they can be eaten even without a side dish.

If the hostess chooses the method of cooking meatballs without rice, then it is perfect as a side dish:

  • mashed potatoes,
  • rice porrige,
  • buckwheat,
  • oatmeal,
  • wheat porridge,
  • millet porridge,
  • braised cabbage,
  • vegetable stew,
  • vegetable salad.

So, we prepare minced meat from:

  • kilograms of meat
  • two medium-sized onions,
  • salt and pepper.

Fans of spicy dishes can also grind a little hot pepper into minced meat.
You can add greens. For this, both parsley and cilantro, as well as dill familiar to a Russian person, are perfect.

A small amount of garlic is acceptable. Recall that it is better not to take pepper and garlic for dietary and baby food.

If the hostess decides to cook “hedgehogs”, then she should add another glass of rice to the minced meat.

Now be sure to add 2 eggs to the bowl with the ingredients, otherwise our meatballs will immediately crumble as soon as we start steaming them.

Some housewives include minced meat soaked in milk and squeezed white loaf without a crust. It is believed that the dish from this takes on a more delicate texture. This is especially important in the case when pork is excluded from the minced meat. Also, the added white bread contributes to the fact that the possibility of “sticking” and loss of shape by meatballs is significantly reduced.

All this mass must be kneaded with your hands so that there are no lumps, and the salt is evenly distributed in the composition. Then we proceed to sculpt balls of arbitrary size.

When preparing a dietary dish, it is best to use a double boiler or a pan for cooking manti. Also, for steamed meatballs, you can use an ordinary pan, pouring a little water on its bottom and strengthening the metal sieve so that it is located above the water level.

For baked meatballs, the option with an oven is quite acceptable. Then a baking sheet or roasting pan (you can use a high frying pan for these purposes) is greased with vegetable oil, and the meatballs are laid out on the bottom of the dish so that they do not touch each other.

The first heat treatment lasts about 20 minutes, both steamed and in a preheated oven. At this time, prepare the ingredients for the gravy.

Ready-made gravy for meatballs

The fact of who will eat the cooked food should also be taken into account here. If you are preparing a dietary dish, then tomato sauce and spices should be excluded from the gravy, replacing all this with sour cream or cream. Well, if your eaters are spicy lovers, then you can use Chili, Spicy or Barbecue tomato sauce.

1. Chop the onion and carrot, or rub the carrot on a grater. We pass the vegetables by adding vegetable oil to the pan. Sometimes some lovers spread chopped fresh tomatoes, grated root parsley, parsnips in a pan.

2. In a separate bowl, prepare the filling. For five hundred grams of cold water, take two or three tablespoons of flour and knead well until smooth. There we add tomato and sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. Lovers sometimes add finely chopped or crushed garlic to it. You can get by with just a tomato or only sour cream – in which cases it is better to do this, mentioned above.

We take out a baking sheet, a brazier or a frying pan with high edges from the oven and lay the sautéed vegetables on top of the meatballs. Then pour all this with the prepared mixture in such a way as to completely cover the meat balls. If they remain not completely covered with the fill, add a little more water.

3. Now you should again place the dishes with meatballs in a hot oven and continue the heat treatment. It lasts about 20 minutes. Five minutes before readiness, you can put lavrushka in the dish if you wish.

4. Pour the sautéed vegetables with the filling, trying to pour in a thin stream, and continue heating, without stopping stirring the gravy so that it does not curl into unsightly and nasty flour lumps. As soon as thickening begins, heating should be stopped.

We lay out from two to four meatballs for each serving, depending on their size and the appetite of the eater. Put a side dish on a plate next to it. Pour gravy over everything and serve. Be sure that those for whom you have worked so lovingly will be extremely pleased with the result. After all, you will get such meatballs – you just lick your fingers!

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