Dec 29, 2020
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Maya Sandu’s New Year’s Eve

President promised to announce a plan to break the political deadlock after the holidays

Monday, December 28, President of Moldova Maya Sandu held consultations on the issue of holding early parliamentary elections with parliamentary factions.

The first meeting took place with the largest faction – the Party of Socialists, it lasted only 20 minutes and was held without journalists at the request of the president.

The socialists noted at the meeting that they are in favor of early parliamentary elections, while the chairman of the PSRM faction Cornelius Furkulik clarified that “The procedure for dissolving parliament and the organization of early elections must comply with the Constitution”

“The socialists are ready to analyze the candidacy of the prime minister if Sandu comes up with such a proposal. Everything else is in the hands of the current president. We obey the law. At this stage, the negotiations are over, the decision is for the President, “

– the press service of the PSRM reports.

Furculita also commented after the meeting with the President on the opposition statements on the resignation of the Prime Minister Jonah Chicu

“The resignation of the Kiku government is not a trap for the new president. Look at the opposition’s statements during the election campaign, at the tractors – everyone wanted early elections, ”

– reminded the chairman of the PSRM faction.

The parliamentary faction of the PAS party (Maia Sandu’s party) at a meeting with Maia Sandu demanded early early elections and even named the date for the dissolution of parliament – March 17. Also, the PAS deputies said they would vote “Only for the prime minister proposed by a new, legitimate and representative parliament”… As for the “transitional government”, Sandu’s associates are categorically against such a government.

Representatives of the DA Platforms faction (party Andrei Nastase) also supported the idea of ​​early elections and also – “as soon as possible.”

“Unfortunately, the situation is such that early elections cannot take place earlier than autumn. We also discussed a number of risks, including issues related to crisis management in the country and sabotage by the former leadership of the country, ”

– commented on the meeting with the President of the Vice-Speaker of Parliament and MP from Platform DA Alexander Slusar

Such comments were made after negotiations with the president and representatives of other parliamentary factions – PDM, For Moldova groups and Pro Moldova

Thus, all parliamentary factions agreed on the need to hold early parliamentary elections, but no one nominated a prime minister.

After these meetings, which in the Moldovan segment of social networks have already been called “Christmas Meetings of Sandu”, the President spoke at a press conference, at which she stated that all parties want early elections, but no one is nominating their prime minister, therefore, they do not want to take take responsibility at such a difficult time for the country. Also, all parties claim that they are not part of any parliamentary coalition.

“I stated that not a single parliamentary force is ready to openly admit that it is in the parliamentary majority and take responsibility for governing the country. Absolutely all parliamentary factions agree that the legislative forum should be dissolved and early elections should be held in the country, ”

– declared Sandu.

There is no consensus on the timing of the elections: some insist on an early election, others suggest waiting.

As for the current government, then, according to Maia Sandu, it is simply obliged to finalize until a new one is formed.

“This government, appointed by the socialists, remains. The Cabinet is obliged to further ensure the functionality of the executive branch. According to the current legislation, the post of prime minister must be occupied by one of the current ministers, ”

– answered Sandu to a question from journalists.

The head of state promised to put forward her proposal on how to get out of the current political deadlock, but this will happen after the holidays.

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