May 2, 2021
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May signs about a wedding: is it true that it is impossible to get married in May

May signs about a wedding: is it true that it is impossible to get married in May

There is a huge number of wedding signs in May. The experts told what these signs are, what should be done if they promise everything negative, and is it really impossible to get married in May.

There are still countless disputes about a wedding in May, as well as about a wedding in a leap year. Bioenergy experts point out that it is not time that is dignified, but your attitude. Do not listen to negative predictions so as not to feed yourself with doubts.

Many have heard this phrase, but the May wedding does not always promise disaster. This belief came from ancient times, when spring was a time of work in gardens and fields. People from morning till night tilled the land and tried to plant the main crops. These were the times when everyone was careful not to get married.

This omen depicts one of those who work very badly. Experts have conducted research, comparing the number of May unions with subsequent divorces. It turned out that May unions often live longer than unions, prisoners in other months of the year.

This can be explained in terms of commonplace psychology. Many have heard that it is not worth getting married in May. Such couples are much more frugal about marriage and behave more loyal in relationships, because they instinctively want to refute the forecast.

There is a mirror date in May – 05.05. Many newlyweds especially choose such dates, thinking that they will bring good luck. This is really so, but in reality, many couples get married on mirror dates and all diverge equally.

The fault also lies in human psychology. Many people think that they alone have chosen a beautiful date, luck will be with them for a century. Such people often stop worrying about strengthening love, relying only on fortune, and this is fundamentally false.

This is another proof of the fact that if you are not attracted to mutual understanding and strengthening of communication, then no positive signs will help you live together your whole life.

For the alliance to be unrestrained, you should not organize a magnificent wedding in May. This omen has been around for centuries. People followed the newlyweds, remembering to the conclusion that a magnificent wedding portrays the cause of many problems.

If you really want to make a big holiday for your family and friends, then you can simply move it to the next month.

Experts remind that by the month of the wedding it is possible to determine what the alliance will be like. Do not rush to write off May from the accounts, because many unions, prisoners this month, live longer than others.

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