Apr 26, 2021
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May holidays: Putin has not revealed all his cards yet

May holidays: Putin has not revealed all his cards yet

Photo: Marat Abulkhatin / TASS

The paradox is that for the last five or six years, literally on the eve of our extended Christmas holidays, one of the deputies has definitely proposed to reduce the New Year’s festivities, but add the “saved” free days to the May holidays, when millions of summer residents go to raise their personal virgin soil. And now it happened! By a presidential decree, the days of workers’ solidarity merged into a single holiday stream with Victory Day.

Now all of us can only guess whether our New Year’s vigils will now continue in the company of the president and films. Hyde… And what did I mean Valentina Matvienko, who argued that the May rest can be “carved out” at the expense of other holidays. Really, a strange holiday on November 4, invented with one purpose: to erase from public memory the red day of the calendar – November 7 – will be handed over to the archives. However, it is obvious that it is difficult to correlate the current May holidays with thoughtful strategic decisions. Most likely, we are talking about a hasty and purely political step in an increasingly complex social and social situation.

It is clear that the request addressed to the president Anna Popova, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, to merge the May holidays into a single stream was not born impromptu, but was previously agreed and worked out. In Popova’s interpretation, it was advisable to lengthen the holiday pause in order to limit social contacts as much as possible and stop the third wave of the pandemic. True, for more than a year, despite the alarming numbers of the spread of more and more exotic strains of coronavirus, no, even truncated, lockdowns were introduced. Except, perhaps, an extra week added to the Moscow schoolchildren for the New Year holidays.

It is possible, of course, to assume that citizens who are not burdened with dacha property will take advantage of the new work break in order to get at least the first vaccination with Sputnik V. Meanwhile, it is already obvious: the time frame for achieving herd immunity will be shifted from the end of August to November. Moreover, opinion polls constantly show that 40% of our fellow citizens do not trust either the quality of domestic vaccines or our healthcare. Moreover, in psychological terms, this trend largely reflects the general distrust of the authorities as a whole.

But there is hardly any doubt that, in addition to purely medical reasons, the new holiday indulgence has other reasons. And they look purely political. In fact, COVID-19 has long become an important factor in our country, significantly changing the political alignments at all levels of the system. Everyone remembers how much the personal shares of the capital’s mayor grew at the beginning of April last year, when Sergei Sobyanin a series of decisive antiquated actions, as they say, headed the national agenda. New premier at that time Mikhail Mishustin recognized the priority of Moscow’s initiatives and their importance for other regions.

Analysts could only guess whether such activity would turn out to be sideways for Sobyanin, given that, in fact, at some point he ousted even the head of state in information terms. Indeed, since then, the president has been trying not to let go of the initiative to combat the Chinese scourge, turning it into, perhaps, his main political trump card.

The “covid part” of his message is further evidence of this. Vladimir Putin even allowed himself to break away from the prepared text and, quite emotionally, once again urged the Russians to decide on the vaccination. In fact, the announcement of the protracted pause in May fits perfectly into the personal campaign of the president, who is, he says, concerned about saving the people. Moreover, such a prepared impromptu sent into a stupor both the business, which will now have to pay for additional non-working days, and the dear Russians themselves, many of whom, according to a long-established habit, rushed to issue them in the intervals between the official holidays. But, as the classic wrote, the people should be kept in a state of constant amazement.

However, the President’s Address did not just shed “golden rain” on fellow citizens. It is not for nothing that the bag with the state money-box has been slightly tied up again.

In fact, with his speech, Vladimir Putin began a new pre-election cycle, which will end in September, and the results of which the Kremlin attaches particular importance to. And not in vain, since the new composition of parliament, in theory, will exercise legislative power even at the turn of a potential transit of power – in 2024. And by virtue of the constitutional amendments made to decide the fate of the next government, the nominated prime minister and his deputies, possibly already under the new president.

This means that it is desirable to preserve the constitutional majority of United Russia itself in the State Duma, albeit coupled with the same “second leg of power” by the triune “Fair Russia”, striving to climb into the field of left-wing forces.

Therefore, in order to form the necessary composition of the State Duma of the VIII convocation, the Kremlin is very important by all available means to mitigate the dissatisfaction of the electorate, alarmed by the growth of unemployment and the fall in living standards. That is why the promises of various payments contained in the Message are harmoniously complemented by extra weekends during the hottest time for many families. As you know, these days, even in the middle class hacienda, yesterday’s rolled lawns are actively pruned by vegetable gardens and greenhouses. Elements of a subsistence economy are actively returning to our everyday life. We start thinking about winter in early May.

In addition, more Karl Marx taught that the wealth of a society is determined by the free time of its members. So we are offered to get rich in several ways at once. First, the protracted May holidays, then the vacation period, and by the beginning of the school year, payments for each student of ten thousand rubles. The rating of the party in power, in theory, should grow as a result of all these efforts.

But there is one more not so visible reason. Not everyone can now be satisfied with modest payments and additional days off for the state account. And warm weather, like nothing else, usually stimulates street protest, which remains a cardinal problem for the current government. Especially, judging by the number of security officials taken to the streets on April 21.

But an additional holiday break can push those very young people, the most dynamic part of society, to actively change places. And, ultimately, temporarily relieve the pressure on the authorities of the protest wave. Yes, on April 21 at the call of the remaining associates Alexey Navalny street performances did not repeat the January scale. However, they nevertheless took place, despite strong opposition. Moreover, an increase in the number of participants in such performances was noted not in the capitals, but in quite calm provincial cities a few years ago. In the same Saratov, for example, where the hero was going to send his daughter to the “village, in the wilderness” Alexandra Griboyedova… But the Russian provinces are no longer sleepy, watching mainly on TV about distant metropolitan unrest.

So, a May break for someone to rest. And for someone – to comprehend reality. But everyone will use it without any doubt in their own way …

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