Jun 9, 2022
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Maxim was predicted that she would not be able to walk


Singer Maxim told how she woke up in intensive care.

2021 turned out to be a difficult year for MakSim – the singer spent almost three months in the hospital in serious condition. Having come to her senses, the artist not only quickly returned to form, but also set to work. Even doctors are surprised at the speedy recovery of the star!

Both specialists and fans gasp at the sight of MakSim. The fact is that the singer, who was hanging by a thread from death, looks gorgeous, so some do not believe in her illness: they say, the artist could invent someone for PR …

But, no matter what they say, the star really faced a serious illness. By the way, MakSim is still struggling with the consequences of pneumonia.

I’m not interested in gossip and assessments of incomprehensible experts, I’d rather stay in the shadows than bright, but with a negative reputation. Indeed, when I first woke up, there were different forecasts, including that I would not be able to walk, – the artist shared her memories. – But when I woke up in the hospital, I thought: “Lord, I see, I hear, I will hug my children! It doesn’t matter what form I am in, how many scars I have on my body, these are so unimportant things.“.

Singer Maxim - photo from the archive -
Singer Maxim – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Daughters help the singer to ignore the negative. It was for the sake of 13-year-old Sasha and seven-year-old Masha that MakSim did not give up and got out of a difficult situation.

Even doctors note that my appearance does not indicate that I am a former intensive care patient. Apparently, lucky with immunity, with genetics. Inside, I still remain a little green man, because there were a lot of medicines, but outside, it seems like new!“- exclaimed the 38-year-old performer of the hit “Do You Know”.

Now the artist performs, sings and even takes part in talk shows, for example, she recently starred in The Mask. “My body is recovering at a unique speed, of course, not without the help of doctors. At first, the resuscitator came from the hospital to help me take small walks in the park”, MakSim concluded in an interview with Antenna-Telesem magazine.

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