Dec 29, 2020
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Maxim Vitorgan unveiled a rare photo with three children from different marriages

06:14, 12/29/2020

4-year-old Plato played with his brother and sister in the construction set.

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Maxim Vitorgan, at the age of 48, is a father of many children, raising three children. As for his personal life, Vitorgan was married three times. With his first wife Victoria Verberg they met while working at the Youth Theater. Victoria was nine years older than Maxim. However, the age difference did not prevent the lovers from building a harmonious relationship that lasted more than 10 years. The couple had two children – a son Daniel and daughter Polina.

Maxim Vitorgan with his daughter Polina and son Daniel from his first marriage

The second wife of the actor was the marketer Natalya, who took the name of the actor. But from the marriage union quickly disintegrated. And the third wife of Maxim was Ksenia Sobchak. In 2016, Vitorgan became a father again – the TV presenter gave birth to the boy Plato. However, this marriage did not last long. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan announced their divorce in March 2019. Before that, in December 2018, there were persistent rumors about the journalist’s romance with another director, Konstantin Bogomolov. Which were later confirmed.

Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak

Now, on the eve of the New Year, Maxim Vitorgan spends time with his children: 23-year-old Polina, 19-year-old Daniel and 4-year-old Plato. So, a few hours ago, a happy father published a touching photo on his microblog on Instagram, which shows all of his three offspring. In the photo, which is succinctly signed “Brothers and Sister”, the children of the movie star are assembling the castle from the constructor together.

Maxim Vitorgan unveiled a rare photo with three children from different marriages

Recall that Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan officially divorced in early June 2019. The divorce was so peaceful that the journalist did not even demand child support from Maxim for her son. According to the agreement, Plato stayed with his mother, but Vitorgan can freely meet with the heir. Usually, ex-spouses try to spend time with their son separately: the actor looks after his son when the journalist is away and vice versa.

Ksenia Sobchak with her son

A month later, Vitorgan beat Bogomolov in one of the capital’s cafes, and then there was no doubt about the collapse of Maxim and Xenia. The divorce was officially formalized only in early August. On September 13, Ksenia and Konstantin celebrated their wedding on a grand scale. The lovers signed up at the Griboyedov registry office, got married in the Cathedral of the Great Ascension, after which they had a magnificent party in the Gothic style on the territory of the Museum of Moscow.

Maxim Vitorgan and Nino Ninidze

The heart of Maxim Vitorgan also did not remain free for long. In July this year, it became known about the novel of the 48-year-old director with the 29-year-old actress Nino Ninidze. She, in turn, in May announced a divorce from Kirill Pletnev. The lovers have already introduced their children and even rested in Cyprus in a large company. Later, Pletnev first spoke about the new relationship of his ex-wife. He noted that Nino is a free girl and is free to do whatever she wants.

Polina Vitorgan in an exclusive interview with “Around TV”

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