Oct 31, 2021
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Maxim Vitorgan revealed the truth about the fight with Konstantin Bogomolov


Actor Maxim Vitorgan spoke about the fight with his ex-wife’s new husband.

Artist on the air of the program “You Won’t Believe!” on the NTV channel spoke about his famous fight with the director Konstantin Bogomolov, which happened several years ago.

Never fought for girls. Somehow like this. I know that every girl dreams of a fight for her, but fuck you”, Said Maxim Vitorgan.

Maxim Vitorgan with his ex-wife
Maxim Vitorgan with his ex-wife

As noted by Maxim Vitorgan, he is not a big fan of communicating with journalists. “I am a misanthrope. I don’t really like people. This is true“, – said the ex-husband of Ksenia Sobchak.

Recall that Sobchak was the cause of the fight between Vitorgan and Bogomolov near one of the cafes. The actor found out that his wife was cheating on him with the director and had a showdown with the director. They later divorced, and soon Sobchak married Bogomolov.

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