Jan 24, 2021
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Maxim Shevchenko: The government, its gendarmes, technologists and propagandists

In the photo: journalist Maxim Shevchenko

In the photo: journalist Maxim Shevchenko (Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS)

On January 23rd, 2021.

The authorities, their gendarmes, technologists, and propagandists, would like to recall important and terrible historical coincidences and intersections.

January 23 New Style is January 10 Old Style.

And January 9, according to the old style, is the most terrible day in Russian history, remembered as Bloody Sunday.

On this day, January 9 (22), 1905, the tsarist authorities in St. Petersburg shot a peaceful demonstration of workers going to the tsar to hand him a petition about the unbearable life of the people, about social and political injustice.

Hundreds of unarmed people were left lying next to the shot-through portrait of the tsar and blood-stained banners with icons.

Then none of those in power (neither the tsar, nor the minister of the interior, nor the governor of St. Petersburg, nor the commander of the garrison) could understand how it happened that the troops opened fire and a sea of ​​innocent people’s blood was shed.

But the horrified people did not forget and did not forgive the perfect atrocity to tsarism.

The problem with power based on pride, violence and wealth is always that it considers itself exclusive and steps on the same rake.

I call on the authorities of Moscow and other cities to break this vicious circle and not turn January 10 (old style) 2021 into January 9, 1905.

It is just one step in one day that could bring Russia back to 1905.

And this step is better not to take.

Do not threaten with violence those who want to express their will and express their opinion!

Do not fall back into the vicious bloody circle of Russian history!

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