Jan 24, 2021
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Maxim Shevchenko on rallies for Navalny: People want freedom and justice

In general, of course, the spontaneous outburst of passions must be contained. But…

The popular protest is peaceful, constitutional and absolutely legal. The instinctive deep class hostility to the nomenclature is understandable. It is clear that “while we are burning with freedom, while hearts are alive for honor,” we must fight for our rights.

It is clear that a popular protest does not happen “according to the rules” and in “white gloves”.

The source of violence is an unrighteous power based on a combination of class oppression and power tools.

Its fault is that the overwhelming majority of people do not have constitutional democratic ways to influence politics and the economy.

Now the power propagandists will start calling those who take to the streets and throw snowballs “bandits”.

The bandits are those who brought the country to its limits, ruined and lumpenized the people, built up the ruins of the country with their palaces and surrounded the palaces with fences and gendarmes.

And the people – they just want freedom and justice.

And if he does not find them in a legal way, he enters into a spontaneous rage.

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