Jan 11, 2022
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Maxim Galkin spoke frankly about the quarrel with Alexander Maslyakov


Artist Maxim Galkina told why he will never go to KVN.

Several years ago, the showman took part in the filming of KVN. The artist evaluated the performances of the team members. However, Alexander Maslyakov did not like the style of refereeing.

45-year-old Maxim Galkin took part in Azamat Musagaliev’s show. As part of the project, he shared shameful stories about himself. One of them turned out to be associated with the Club of the cheerful and resourceful. It turns out that the entrance to the humorous program has long been closed to him. The reason is the awkward situation during the judging. Galkin gave one of the players a top three in 2001.

Maksim Galkin
Maksim Galkin

I remember these three well! Until now, her train lasts. Since then Maslyakov never invited me to the KVN jury. Not only the team finished, but I also finished my relationship with KVN. Alexander Vasilyevich gave me a scolding during the intermission, they say, how could you! Me: “Sorry, I thought you invited me to judge.” I didn’t like the performance and delivered what they deserved. It turns out that it was impossible like that. Since then, somehow we have not worked out. Although I have great respect for KVN. It doesn’t matter, it happens. Maybe I didn’t understand the rules of the game …“- reasoned Galkin in the YouTube show” I know myself! “

By the way, Galkin has long had a cool relationship with the Maslyakov family. Once a star said that the son of Alexander Vasilyevich can only boast of a loud surname so far.

They were offended, but personally I had no conflict. During one long-time broadcast, Maslyakov Jr. told me something, I answered him something. But why be offended here? And the parents ended up being offended for him, after all, I did not touch the elders in any way– he said to Baste.

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