Aug 13, 2022
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Maxim Galkin showed where he found the children and daughter Orbakaite, returning from the tour


Showman Maxim Galkin shared a funny video with his children and daughter Christina Orbakaite.

For 20 years, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin have been together. They do not cease to demonstrate the idyll and laugh at the spiteful critics who are trying to offend them. The couple have twins Lisa and Harry, who will soon go to third grade. They live in a castle in the village of Mud, but this year the couple decided to take a trip. If the couple were in Israel in the spring, then they decided to come to Jurmala. There they rented a villa, which they chose a few years ago.

Pugacheva sees her friends and walks along the beach with her heirs. But Galkin goes on tour. The other day he was in Estonia, but managed to miss his family in a couple of days. This time, Maxim arrived at the villa and noticed that the children were hiding near the pool.

He found them in the closet. There, the twins made a secret lair for themselves. The prima donna’s granddaughter Claudius is visiting. She plays with Lisa and Harry. But her mother Kristina Orbakaite is on tour. Galkin filmed how the kids burst into laughter. Alla Borisovna’s daughter was in an orange velvet kigurumi. She could barely speak. But Harry sent his dad away with a smile.

How little children need for joy! Harry, Elizabeth and Claudia are a friendly team“, – wrote Galkin.

Fans admired the friendship of children. Many also noted that the couple gave the twins a real happy childhood.

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