Aug 16, 2022
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Maxim Galkin showed what his children are doing in Jurmala


Showman Maxim Galkin showed what books his children Harry and Lisa are reading now.

Alla Pugacheva took care of the twins Harry and Lisa. At the same time, showman Maxim Galkin also tries to participate in raising children. After touring in Estonia, the comedian took time for the children, asking if they read the books that the teachers assigned them for the summer.

Maxim captured his son with a textbook in his hands. In Harry Galkin’s hands, his father noticed the Reader of Russian classics. When Maxim asked what specific topic the child had stopped on, he stated that he had lost the bookmark.

Harry Galkin
Harry Galkin

Then Elizaveta Galkina appeared in the frame. Lisa looked out from the second floor. The humorist asked what book she was holding. The girl noted that she was reading The White Poodle by Kuprin. Galkin asked if the work was included in the school curriculum. The girl at first answered that this was extracurricular reading, and then she remembered that the material really needed to be read to school.

Well, the fans noticed that Harry is becoming more and more like Philip Kirkorov. “Swarthy, eyelashes like a fan! Alla’s handsome boy is growing”, “Laponka!”, “Harry is such a cool kid”, “He looks like Filya”, “Alla’s kid has grown up”, “Well, who wants to read in the summer?”, “Thoughtful and serious guy”, — wrote the followers.

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