Jan 12, 2022
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Maxim Galkin showed children in a new video, in which Pugacheva also got into the frame


TV presenter Maxim Galkin shared a fresh video with his family.

Maxim Galkin decided to demonstrate a new skill that his son, 8-year-old Harry, had mastered. In a video posted by the comedian on his official Instagram, he showed the boy playing the harmonica. However, this is by no means, or rather, not only this has become the subject of discussion among fans of the star family.

The artist’s subscribers made sure that Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, who at some point appears in the frame dancing, really has an ideal figure. Many times the haters said that the singer uses photoshop and filters, but this information turned out to be far from reality.

Harry’s sister Lisa, who, while her brother played the harmonica, danced dashingly, squatting, also attracted attention.

Sports and entertainment! Garik is playing, Lisa and Alla are dancing!”, signed the video Galkin.

🔥😜So it turns out as it should !!! I apparently do not do the right thing in the gym 😂😂😂”, joked Denis Klyaver.

Beloved family!!! Children are a miracle!!! Alla quickly flashed 😊❤️💎I would like a little more in the frame☺️😇👍💎❤️😍”, “Lucky you, Max and his wife … you got a cool one”, “How cute they are, and Alla Borisovna, as always, is on top!” , “Our beauty! Looks great!”, “Here, but they said that photoshop! Great figure!”- Maxim’s subscribers wrote in the comments.

But at the beginning of last year, Internet users discussed that the people’s artist had clearly recovered. They said that her figure was noticeably rounded and, apparently, because of this, she had to return to dimensionless outfits again. “Not so thin anymore,” fans noticed. However, everyone believed that when the series of holidays dedicated to her 72nd birthday passed, she would return to impeccable shape.

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