Jan 4, 2022
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Maxim Galkin shared how his children grow up


Artist Maxim Galkin spoke about different generations.

One of the most beloved star children among the public are Lisa and Harry Galkin – the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. The day before, Harry’s performance with his star father in the show “Two Stars” made a splash.

The comedian rarely gives interviews, therefore, when Maxim agrees to talk with journalists, it invariably arouses interest. A new frank interview with Galkin appeared on the youtube channel “Yuzefovich”.

Its presenter – Galina Yuzevovich Maxim told about the upbringing of offspring. According to him, recently Lisa and Harry have begun to read less. Galkin is not at all depressed by this circumstance.

They are now doing so much at school that it is impossible: they leave in the morning, come late, they do their homework there, some additional classes, what kind of reading is there? Let the children play, they must have a life. Children at five, six, at half past six sometimes come …“- the artist shared.

Maxim Galkin with children
Maxim Galkin with children

The comedian noted that the modern generation, despite the fact that it reads less, is much more developed than the previous one.

This is an artificial story, they say, ah, the wrong generation. Lord, we were so limited in many areas that we had besides these books? What were the toys? The office supplies were poor. When we say they don’t read … but they write, they read on Instagram, Tik Tok. They are all directors, editors, I’m not saying that the percentage of talented people has increased, but they have succeeded in so many areas! What could we do then? From the point of view of how much they have in their heads, I don’t think that we, then, were much ahead of them.“, – he expressed his position.

Maxim also admitted that he himself reads little to children, he mostly plays with the twins.

I am a cheerful dad-friend, mom is more involved in education, so Alla reads with them, makes music. She sometimes sighs that she demands everything, and I … But they love to practice“, – says Galkin.

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