Sep 15, 2022
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Maxim Galkin shared a fresh video with children, which he received from Russia


Showman Maxim Galkin posted a video showing Lisa and Harry having breakfast before school.

While Maxim Galkin is actively touring abroad, Alla Borisovna completely took care of the children. Today, the showman showed a cute video in which his wife collects Lisa and Harry to school.

In the frame, Lisa, Harry and Alla Borisovna are sitting at the table, having breakfast and having a nice conversation. “My students! Such friendly!”- 73-year-old Pugacheva is touched. Galkin, who recently promised that there would be no more content with children on his blog, could not resist and published this video.

What cute kids! Hi Alla Borisovna!”, “I love your family!”, “Thank you for the video, very nice!”, “Maxim, you have a wonderful family!“- said the netizens.

Recall that for more than six months the showman has been living and working abroad. Comedian concerts are held almost all over the world. For obvious reasons, Maxim Galkin cannot yet come to Russia to his family.

I believe that Galkin should be recognized for life as an undesirable person in Russia. Yes, he himself will not return, although he promises. He understands that it is better not to do this. The law must be the same for all! There was a precedent when the comedian Idrak Mirzalizade was kicked out of the country without being allowed to earn money in Russia. For a joke about Russian people. And Galkin’s jokes are below the plinth and offend the Russian people.

When Galkin is recognized as a lifelong undesirable person in Russia and he will not be able to enter here, his tours abroad and earnings will gradually come to naught. The public does not go to humor, but to see how the former official humorist grimaces from the stage, treated kindly by TV channels and the public, whom he betrayed”, Deputy Roman Khudyakov was indignant about the performances of the artist.

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