Oct 13, 2020
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Maxim Galkin parodied the main characters of the film “Office Romance”

20:08, 13.10.2020

The showman reincarnated as Lyudmila Kalugina and Anatoly Novoseltsev.

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Maxim Galkin gained wide popularity thanks to parodies of famous people and already for many years he has been making the audience happy with funny performances. The comedian presented a series of such transformations during the period of self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Galkin launched a "nostalgic series" in his microblog in Instagram. The essence of the project is thatThe comedian tries on the images of famous satirists, copies their style and presentation, and presents them so that they can tell about the current situation. Efim Shifrin, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Semyon Altov and Mikhail Zadornov were already in the center of Galkin's attention. Each of the heroes talked about self-isolation and a pandemic

In a parody of the satirist writer Mikhail Zadornov, Maxim managed to achieve a stunning similarity in intonation and manner of performance of a celebrity. In the video, a showman in the spirit of Zadornov gives an assessment to the layman who finds himself in new circumstances. Also Galkin reincarnated as Renata Litvinov and talked about the "horrors of self-isolation" for women. Today Galkin published a video in which he showed at once in two heroes of the film "Office Roman ". This is about Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugina, played by Alisa Freindlich and Anatoly Efremovich Novoseltseve, whose image was perfectly conveyed by Andrei Myagkov.

Maxim Galkin parodied the main characters of the film "Office Romance"

The humorist's account also often contains funny videos featuring his children. Son and daughter Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were born with the help of a surrogate mother. The birth of babies was shrouded in mystery and even the closest friends of the star couple did not know about their desire to become parents. The closest circle of Maxim and Alla found out about the appearance of Lisa and Harry only when the children were already at home. At first, the star couple hid their children from prying eyes.

Now Galkin talks about the life of the twins himself and quite often. So, subscribers found out how Lisa and Harry recite poetry in different languages, try themselves in the modeling business and carry out childishly naive rituals to drive out the coronavirus. This year, the twins went to first grade and the comedian posted a video in which the children share their impressions of the school.

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva and their children

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are very responsible for the development and upbringing of their children. From an early age, vocal teachers and foreign language teachers studied with Lisa and Harry. Now the children of a humorist and a singer study in a private school for 160 thousand rubles a month. For this amount, students receive not only the best teachers and access to international training programs, but also lessons on the tennis court and in the pool. The educational institution is guarded around the clock, and a bus delivers to the place of the lesson and to the homes of the students.

Note that the star family has been living since 2011 in castle built in the village of Gryaz. The area of ​​the huge house is 3000 sq. m, it has six floors, 20 living rooms, a freight elevator, parking, a greenhouse, a luxurious garden and a swimming pool. It was rumored that the mansion cost Galkin $ 10 million.

Maxim Galkin and Lisa and Harry

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