Aug 14, 2022
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Maxim Galkin is ready to kill to protect his castle


Artist Maxim Galkin will protect his property to the last.

During a concert in the Latvian village of Roya, Maxim Galkin said that he planned to fight for his property with a sword at the ready. The artist was going to fight for the estate in the village of Gryaz.

Alla Pugacheva’s husband is touring Latvia. From the scene of a small village with a population of two thousand people, he announced that he was going to fight for real estate. The 46-year-old showman threatened to return to the Moscow region and hang a sign “Galkin’s estate” on his mansion. And in those who are not frightened by the plank, he is ready to throw interior items.

They just won’t take it away! They will pour burning oil on their heads. Throw old furniture on the ridges. I just won’t give up“, the comedian promises.

Maxim Galkin - photo from the archive -
Maxim Galkin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Will the comedian fight for the mansion is unknown. Deputy Roman Khudyakov has already explained that the seizure of property is possible only by a court decision. He clarified that only “criminal regimes” are taking away housing and freezing assets without legal grounds. The politician wrote about this on his VKontakte page when subscribers asked the question: “Why hasn’t Sofia Rotaru’s mansion in Crimea been confiscated yet?“.

It is unlikely that Maxim Alexandrovich’s property is in danger. Earlier, netizens suggested depriving Pugacheva’s spouse of the castle. As long as there is no legal basis, the star’s property is safe. However, this does not stop the artist from making venomous comments about Russia and sweet speeches addressed to the audience. During a concert in Roya, the showman was scattered in gratitude in front of the audience. “The main thing is not even that you bought this ticket, but that you came to meet me. You are my breadwinners!“- he said from the stage, reports the Paragraph Telegram channel.

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