Aug 1, 2022
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Maxim Galkin howled after a concert in Turkey


46-year-old artist Maxim Galkin returned to his wife and children.

Former host of the program “Best of all!” After a month break, he resumed touring activities. Maxim gave a concert in Turkish Antalya. After that, the showman returned to Jurmala, where his 73-year-old wife Alla Pugacheva now lives with her son Harry and daughter Lisa.

The parodist seeks to lead an active lifestyle. The artist and his 8-year-old son took a bike ride. They drove into the forest. The Galkins made a stop at the edge of the forest. There, the performer of the hit “Cafe” tried to reproduce the cries of birds.

Then Maxim looked around and said to his son: “In such a forest, Harry, it is good to imitate wolves.“. After these words, the former presenter of Channel One howled.

Harry laughed out loud. The schoolboy told his father that he looked small on camera. Then the artist lowered the stick with the phone to the ground and filmed himself with his son from below. “What a powerful old man you are!“- assured the showman. Then they drove on.

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