Jan 12, 2021
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Maxim Galkin complained about scammers conducting a rally on social networks on his behalf

14:17, 11.01.2021

The showman warned that he is not currently holding any promotions.

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The stars of the domestic show business are often the targets of various kinds of criminal actions by scammers, as reported in their microblogs on Instagram. For example, at the end of October Garik Kharlamov announced fraud. He said that the criminals are holding a competition on his behalf, giving away a million rubles, a Mercedes car and 40 phones. Kharlamov clarified that he did not conduct a givah and warned about deception. And in early December, Svetlana Khodchenkova complained about scammers who ran a marathon on Instagram on her behalf.

We must pay tribute to Russian celebrities, many of whom are trying to publicize the fact that they have encountered scammers. In this way, they are trying to protect the rest of the citizens of Russia. Maxim Galkin announced the fraud today. He said that someone on his behalf writes to people in various instant messengers and invites them to participate in the drawing. “Scammers have proliferated! I do not play any draws now! They are sent to messengers and social networks, “Maxim wrote in the Stories section of his microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Maxim Galkin complained about scammers conducting a rally on social networks on his behalf

We add that earlier Maria Ivakova complained about scammers who tried to withdraw money from her card. The TV presenter said that they tried to deceive her again and also very narrow-minded robbers. She told about this in her microblog on Instagram. Ivakova shared that she received a call allegedly from the security service of one of the banks and said that she, it turns out, sponsors terrorists. To stop this, she needed to reveal her card details to the caller.

Maria frankly laughed at the intruders’ attempts and noted that they had failed to make money. Moreover, the artist said that she simply did not have the cards of the specified bank. In the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram, Maria published the number from which the robbers called her. In addition, the artist advised her audience to always use the application, which allows them to immediately identify the number of fraudsters, which is marked in a special database.

Maria Ivakova published the number of the attackers

In early September 2020, Maria Pogrebnyak’s money was attempted by, according to her, not very smart scammers. The socialite not only quickly realized that they wanted to deceive her, but also recorded a conversation with the criminals, publishing it in the Stories section to warn other people against losing money. Maria gladly played along with the caller. However, in the end, she rudely answered the fraudster, and she hung up.

Dmitry Tarasov’s wife Anastasia Kostenko also complained about the scammers. Anastasia faced an unpleasant situation at the end of July. She said that for a whole month she received calls from malefactors who introduced themselves as bank employees. During this time, unidentified persons asked seven times to give her card details and make money transfers. Kostenko turned to subscribers of her microblog on Instagram and asked not to fall for such tricks. Moreover, Nastya emphasized that special attention should be paid to the safety of the elderly.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko with their daughters

Recall that now Maxim Galkin is married to Alla Pugacheva. Their first meeting took place in 2001 at the Slavianski Bazaar festival. At the same time, Philip Kirkorov introduced the future spouses, who at that time was married to the Prima Donna. Soon after the landmark meeting, Alla Borisovna divorced the pop king of the Russian stage. Later, the singer moved in with Maxim Galkin, who is 27 years younger than Pugacheva.

In 2011, the couple officially legalized their relationship, and two years later, the twins Lisa and Harry were born in the artist’s marriage with the Prima Donna. On November 18, 2017, Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva got married. Despite the fact that there are always a lot of rumors around the couple that the star marriage is actually fictitious, an idyll reigns in the relationship between the humorist and the singer.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children

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