Aug 10, 2022
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Maxim Galkin cannot live without Alla Pugacheva


Artist Maxim Galkin spoke tenderly about his wife.

Recently, there have been rumors that not everything is going smoothly in the marriage of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva. The couple do not consider it necessary to comment on that information. But they are not shy about public confessions of feelings. So today, the showman spoke affectionately about the second half.

Now Galkin is actively touring around the world, while Alla Borisovna is waiting for him with children in Jurmala. Of course, Maxim yearns for his beloved. “I’m gone for a couple of days, I already miss it!“- admitted the 46-year-old artist in a personal blog.

Maxim Galkin - photo from the archive -
Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Fans admire the relationship of the star spouses and wish them many years of happy life. “Maxim, how nice to look at you! Great family, wonderful kids!”; “I love you with Alla! Come back to Russia!”; “Happiness when a man and a woman love each other so much!“- say netizens.

But not everyone believes in the bright relationship between Galkin and Primadonna. So, journalist Margarita Simonyan publicly stated in the spring that the artist uses Alla Borisovna for selfish purposes. These words angered the close friend of the couple, Laima Vaikule.

Over the past 24 hours, I have received so many indignant messages from all over the world that I do not see the opportunity to remain silent. I knew very roughly who Margarita Simonyan was. Now I know. This is a person who disregards any norms of morality and ethics, and whom I consider from this moment to be completely handshake. I know Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galin well. It seems that for some reason Simonyan is overwhelmed with a feeling of hatred for this absolutely happy and harmonious couple.”, — the 68-year-old star was indignant.

But Maxim and Alla Pugacheva did not respond to Simonyan’s attack. It is only known that Alla Borisovna intends to come to Russia by September 1. But Galkin is in no hurry to make statements about returning to his homeland.

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